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. Since the opening of the Register, Wang has soared in volume, according to statistics from the International Authoritative statistical Organization ( In just half a month, in the opening of the new top-level domain name in the first hop ranked seventh.

Three big reasons for Wang to become famous:

First of all, the Zodiac Registration Bureau for. Wang Domain name positioning is very good, regardless of ace domain name or positioning for "net" "Wang" or "Wang" are very meaningful;

Second, such a good domain name, the registrar would like to take this opportunity to earn a small sum or brush a brand awareness, so the price is particularly low, such as linkage between the world Wang Domain name only needs 48 yuan, this price is at present the lowest in the industry;

Finally, Wang domain name is naturally suitable for the "king" last name of the end-user, the Zodiac Registration Bureau burst material, currently retained. Wang Domain name, many for the "king" surname name Domain names, this phenomenon is actually a chapter to follow, Wang surname China's first surnames, there are nearly billion people, name Domain name market potential is huge.

The application of diversity allows Wang to be the king's surname.

The reason for Wang's domain name is that it is mainly in Wang's application, as an individual, can do the domain name application is simple and convenient, therefore, the following application will become. Wang's mainstream application will also lead. Wang enters a new round of registration peaks:

First,. Wang Domain name can be used to do personal websites, such as: personal blog, personal space, etc., the site content maintenance is very simple, a single person to maintain the site to work.

Second, Wang Domain name can also be used to do network business cards, such as: Personal biography, personal photos, backpackers and cyclists can be used to do personal travels, and some instructors used to do personal course display.

General: Whether it is a registrar or an investor or a terminal customer is very optimistic. Wang as the "king" surname user Market, because. Wang's current prices are similar to the price of COM, the pro-people, whether for personal users, or enterprise users will not have financial obstacles, so the application will be very wide.

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