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Do you think you are good at tracking and measuring every chain?

While most seoer know that tracking analysis comes from search engine referral sites, other sites and paid search ads, many visitors are shown as "direct traffic." Have you ever wondered where they came from?


There are 5 kinds of links, you may not want to follow.

1. Signature link in message

In most of the messages we send out, the signature must have at least 1 links to its own web site. But how many people are going to keep track of how many people click on those links? I rarely click on the signature link in someone's letter. So, with an idea, will my signature link be clicked by anyone?

For example: my email signature file

Off-Bole Online

With this in doubt, I'll append some trace code to the signature. Although the results show that people will almost never click (only 8 clicks last month). But don't forget, my signature doesn't have any kind of slogan, even though there are a few signatures. It should be interesting to set up a variety of signatures and track the progress of their clicks.

2. Specific text or pictures on the website

We can get specific feedback from visitors to the website through the "slogan" button or text link. I wonder if you have these things on your website? Have you ever followed them? For example, in the "Bole online" website of the Workplace blog Every blog post, there will be prominent features of the picture. There is "freelancer" information, there are more SEO info. Although I visit the website every day, I am not the target group, so I basically ignore these pictures.

I've always thought that most web visitors don't click on these pictures. But I later added the tracking code to these pictures, and I found that people do have clicks. About 75% of the visitors who clicked on the information picture ended up reading the information and subscribing to the information. More than 5% of the visitors who clicked on the SEO review page filled out the contact form for more information. I almost ignored the data!

3. Offline Marketing

Of course, if you put online ads on radio, television, newspapers and magazines, you should also have specific tracking URLs. Also, do not forget to add tracking code where you can list your URLs, such as business cards, classifieds, and phone book ads.

4. Article link

Everyone knows the power of original content, such as: Submissions with long tail keywords, blog posts and press releases. But have you tracked the links? Through the analysis tools (such as: Google Analytics) can know the address of the referral site, if you can add tracking code, the source will be more refined.

5. Updating social media status

Tweets, Facebook, and LinkedIn can all add links. Click From social media, for many reasons, usually can not find referrals, so add the tracking code to detect its effect. You can also add URLs to your profile so that you can easily know which ones have brought visitors and which are not.

All in all, add the tracking code wherever you want. This way you can easily know which ones have brought visitors and thus further analyze the movements of the visitors.

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