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The significance of logistics revitalization lies in the two aspects: first, surface integration. For example, decentralized small warehouses need to be integrated, the entire logistics process needs to be integrated, a variety of small logistics enterprises can integrate mergers to improve efficiency. Second, deep potential excavation. That is to diligent internal strength, attach importance to the application of new technologies, to establish a system to reduce logistics costs. This "one-talk" is also the construction of logistics information system canon.

Many enterprises of logistics information construction is not fine, purposeful ambiguous. Enterprises simply do not want to know why to do so, and blindly adopt the not suitable for their own logistics software.

Logistics Enterprise Informatization must first clear own demand, builds on certain foundation, cannot have the demand to pay attention to, thought where to go where, should have the overall consideration.

Policy interpretation: Four main focus Nine engineering informatization One also can not less

Twists's "Top ten industrial adjustment and revitalization plan" in February 25 finally settled the dust, the logistics industry finally overcome the controversial real estate industry, in the people's suspicions, among the many to become the last item of revitalization planning. Tienan, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the new state conference that the logistics industry, as an important branch of the service industry, is closely related to the nine major industries. It is not only an important link between the nine industrial industries, but also an important carrier of these industries connected with domestic and foreign markets. Visible, the logistics industry superior has its inevitability.

The adjustment and revitalization plan of logistics industry includes four main points:

First, we should enlarge the demand of logistics market, promote the interactive development of logistics enterprises and production and business enterprises, and promote the socialization and specialization of logistics service.

Second, we should speed up the merger and reorganization of enterprises and cultivate a large number of modern logistics enterprises with high service level and strong international competitiveness.

Third, we should promote logistics development in the key areas of energy, minerals, automobiles, agricultural products and pharmaceuticals, and accelerate the development of international logistics and bonded logistics.

We should strengthen the construction of logistics infrastructure and improve the level of logistics standardization and informatization.

Current situation: High cost technology lag behind

Say a couple to eat, men see the price on the menu: Rice noodles 5 yuan, noodle 10 yuan, complained: why noodle expensive on one times? The woman replied: Presumably this includes a bridge fee. It's just a joke, but it's ironic that when it comes to selling goods within China, the cost of logistics is a big chunk.

There is a classic saying that delivery to the United States from Shenzhen to sell, the cost is much lower than the inland, so the price of goods in the United States will be cheaper than at home. If one is the sea is a land, the two can not be compared, then there are recent research reports that China's logistics costs than the United States one times, to see a large toll of highways, bridges, this is conceivable. Now encountered a rare economic crisis, so many people in the industry analysis, 2009 may be China's logistics industry development in 30 years the most difficult year.

China's logistics industry to face a lot of adverse factors, such as local protectionism is serious, expensive tax, the expansion of energy and so on, in this context, the country is not expected to market the logistics industry as the top ten industrial revitalization planning of the last, rather than people have been widely expected in the real estate industry. The final choice of logistics industry, the main is to value the role of the link, after all, the logistics industry is like a body of blood vessels, all kinds of organs need blood vessels to support the normal operation. In the southeast coastal export processing industry generally depressed, the capacity to transfer to the mainland, China needs to stimulate domestic demand to promote economic growth, the logistics industry has become the bottleneck of the national economy, if not effectively reduce the cost of logistics industry, China's capacity transfer is difficult to succeed.

Compared with the past, China's logistics industry has been greatly developed in recent years, but this does not cover the current China's transport and freight forwarding system is seriously inadequate, infrastructure and its national economic status is far from being in place. About 19% of China's gross domestic product is logistics costs, compared with less than 10% of developed countries such as the US and Europe. Take the toll station with Chinese characteristics as an example, the highway charges become the big head of the local government income, the arbitrary charge, the disorderly cordon became the extremely widespread phenomenon, individual place already reached the "lawless" level, regards the central government's ban as nothing.

China's logistics industry is far behind the developed countries, a lot of small companies only a phone several trucks can start to take orders, and the truck out of the door is like a broken line kite, until the destination, received the phone just know. During the period of any blockage, delay or encounter natural and man-made disasters, can not be known at the first time, and in developed countries, trucks on the road in the specific location can be located through the satellite search, so the logistics industry to speed up the level of informatization has become a top priority.

Once the enterprise moved from the coastal areas to the mainland will face many problems, there is no traffic jams at sea, and highway congestion all day. When the industry shifts to a certain degree, it will find that China's infrastructure is not much, but less. Because many of the original enterprises do not need road matching, now need a large number of roads and railways to support. China's transport sector has so far not attached importance to barge transport, even the barge transport as a symbol of China's economic "backwardness", but Europe, the United States and Canada and other developed countries in the past hundreds of years of barge transport has never ceased to develop. And over 10 bridges on the Yangtze River seriously limit the large tonnage of cargo ships back to Nanjing, Wuhan and Chongqing, self-obstruct China's inland waterway, to some extent, China's logistics costs are high important reasons.

Goal: Accelerate the reorganization polymerization strength

In this situation, the logistics enterprises to accelerate the merger and reorganization, is conducive to the rapid and healthy development of the logistics industry, but also conducive to the integration and enhancement of enterprise information strength.

Due to the financial crisis, the logistics industry has experienced unprecedented difficulties in the past year. Shanghai unified, Guangdong Xiang Ying Express due to join the disaster collapse, home urgent send also plunged into a huge loss and substantial layoffs, even the banner of private Courier Enterprises Shun Fung Fast luck has suffered losses. Domestic logistics enterprises too much, good and bad, resulting in the strength of decentralization, information level is not high, service is not sound, once encountered a large multinational logistics enterprises sniper or economic crisis, will appear a fragile situation. In the planning of the Logistics industry adjustment and revitalization, which was adopted by the State Council February 25, it is clearly proposed to "accelerate the merger and reorganization of enterprises, cultivate a large number of modern logistics enterprises with high service level and strong international competitiveness".

Second, to speed up the merger and reorganization of the logistics software manufacturers. Brocade Information Marketing Center deputy general manager Lui said: "The third party logistics Enterprise's informatization is considered is pulls the logistics industry informationization the key." "But the problem now is that the market is limited and there are a plethora of logistics software vendors." such as Ufida, Kingdee professional ERP companies have set up logistics departments to do business logistics, foreign giants such as I2, SSA, Manhattan, etc. by virtue of automation warehouses, logistics supply chain implementation and other aspects of strong market access, coupled with the countless "stragglers" software companies, logistics information market predators many, resulting in a great waste of resources. The merger and reorganization of the logistics software manufacturers can accumulate the strength quickly, achieve the reasonable allocation of resources and avoid vicious competition. (IT168)

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