Online education continues to move higher and more units are now out of the field

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Online education plate entered the June all the way higher, many shares in the Dragon Tiger list. A small climax to the online education sector came this week, as the closing stock turned red. Square Straight Technology (300235, shares bar) (300235. SZ), the earth media (000719, shares bar) (000719. SZ), New Nanyang (600661, Share bar) (600661). SH), Zhujiang piano (002678, share bar) (002678). SZ) four caps trading. An industry analyst said that the online education market scale growth expectations, gradually open policy regulation and mergers and acquisitions are the main reasons for the rally, but at present the industry as a whole is still in the early days, business model is not clear, this is still the main concept of speculation. Full-pass education (300359, shares bar) Monday touch Trading, to close up 9.6%, and the plate rose, also by the first detonation of education. The company announced early in the month that the online education platform in the testing phase, "the whole Course network", will be released during the summer vacation. "First financial daily" reporter statistics show that into the 15 trading days since June, the stock has risen 56.14%, and 6 times boarded Billboard single. Of the five-seat statistics, 10 have bought 90.7186 million yuan for seats, but at the same time, the unit has been sold 73.9294 million yuan in six institutional seats. It is noteworthy that the new Nanyang announced 19th this month, the merger of Shanghai Ang State Education Technology Co., Ltd., the major assets reorganization issues have been approved by the SFC, the shares after the three trading days rose by 24.44%. As early as last August, the new Nanyang announced the reorganization plan, but the plan was rejected by the SFC in November, and the new Nanyang said it would continue to push ahead with the reorganization, which was approved and finally landed. It is noteworthy that, although the stock price rose, the new Nanyang Monday was the total of four institutional seats shipped 53.9608 million yuan, accounting for 16% of the total day turnover. June 19 Billboard data show that the new Nanyang also encountered a body seat shipments of 23.3478 million yuan, accounting for nearly 8% of the whole day turnover. Some industry analysts to the "First financial daily" reporter said that the former subject to domestic policy restrictions on private education institutions of non-profit qualification subject audit, so that it is difficult to land a-share market. The new Nanyang reorganization has been approved by the management of the subtle changes in attitude, to some extent, to improve the education sector in the future mergers and acquisitions expectations, is expected to speed up the process of education industrialization. In addition, the online education segment has been a frequent investment and financing activity since last year, and capital concerns have been brewing. The analyst also said that on the current a-share online education plate analysis, software technology companies are more worthy of attention, valuation and performance more flexible, content providers due to stable performance and market expectations, the transformation of power or slightly inadequate. However, analysts also believe that online education business does not have a clearer profit model and development ideas, extended to the online education industry. "Still very obvious hype, this round is mainly the whole market development and mergers and acquisitions expected to promote." Expected plate speculation Alsowill continue for a period of time, and yesterday trading stock more for small stocks, the effect of money speculation is obvious. According to the China Internet Education Blue Book published by Hu Net, Baidu Education and Chinese Japanese Teaching Association, the 2014 Internet education market is expected to break through 130 billion yuan scale, among which, adult education market will occupy the biggest, K12 and vocational education market has great potential. The report also pointed out that the public-run education institutions listed boom is expected to ferment in the future. Analysts are also divided over whether there will be a wave of plate mergers. There is a point of view that the educational institutions from the volume and business operations Maturity analysis, independent listing is not likely, but the industry has a large number of small-scale entities exist, if the plate heat continues, or will usher in an investment boom. But some analysts say the first-tier markets have only been active since last year, with a short-term or difficult extension to the two-tier market, and the industry has yet to explore successful business models, including educational institutions that are already listed at home and abroad.
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