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"Solving employment" is the focus of the NPC and CPPCC discussions. It is also a hot spot of national concern at present. Now talk about employment people first thought is the peasant workers and college students, the former master skills are not much, is relying on physical strength to make money, the latter for the society is a newborn, pure blank is very vacant, they all need a platform, Need a platform to be able to work, perhaps the Internet is the economic express can take them. The author has always thought that the internet is a "new society", it is natural that the community can also tap a lot of employment or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Make good use of network small business to drive big employment

In fact, the current Internet is also affected by the financial crisis, but very lucky, the impact of the greater is the capital economy, and the Internet itself is the structure of the new economy to maintain a rapid momentum, e-commerce and life Service category has become the first one of the biggest impetus.

Employment cannot depend on the government alone, for the simple reason is that nearly 6 million of college graduates and tens of millions of of migrant workers lost their jobs last year. So whether it is a university student or peasant workers have a good policy is a way out, but it is best to through a small business at the same time to pull large employment.

For example, college students can use their own expertise to open a number of online shops, such as Taobao such as E-commerce platform to open a special channel, or more help to open the policy of online shop students to enter the normal operation of the track as soon as possible. While the migrant workers are more focused on "helping the entrepreneurial" and driven employment, similar to life services, such as some types of jobs are also very suitable for them, so enterprises can expand their business through the network to increase the number of jobs.

Online shopkeepers know what they're up to.

Taobao, Pat and other online shop situation we are relatively clear, so we do not say. Today, the main chat life service shop, because he and many migrant workers in the Group of employment links more closely. Facts to confirm some of their ideas and the current market judgment, the author of Life Service website "Yahoo Word-of-mouth" randomly picked two shopkeepers, to their understanding of the truth.

One is to provide wedding planning of the net shopkeeper (MA), she told me that I do not have stores, and some is the wedding planning service skills, currently in the Yahoo Word-of-mouth has an online shop, for the new marriage to provide wedding planning services. Since the end of last year, many people have found her consulting related services, but because most of the client wedding planning requirements relative to the traditional, and she was ready to go abroad also did not spend the mind to run the shop, so the business effect is not obvious.

Then I contacted a home service company in Shanghai, Ms. Huang, Miss Huang is the head of the company branch. According to her own introduction, since the opening of Yahoo Word-of-mouth Network to now, the basic day can receive more than 10 customers from the shop (successful cooperation), the business of their own branch also has a significant increase in the opening of the network for her domestic service expansion has a great help; as the company's business volume rises, She is planning to recruit more laid-off workers or migrant workers to work for her domestic company, Ms. Huang said.

From these shopkeepers hands-on and industry development trends, Life Services Network has a more mature market prospects, using similar yahoo word-of-mouth "dot" to promote or open up business promising; the next step is to make this market bigger and larger scale effect. And the larger the volume of business, enterprises or individuals will naturally expand the recruitment of jobs to increase the plan, it can be seen that this from entrepreneurship to provide employment of the joint and several ways, to a large extent, to alleviate the current severe employment pressure, but also have a lot of development space can move.

But as the demand for this service expands, site platform itself also need to spend more attention to do intimate services, how to make it easier for users to find different services outlets, how to let more shopkeepers or skilled people online to expand their careers, or to create their own careers, these must keep pace with the development. 2009 will be a year of rapid development of life service network, the continuous expansion of the supply and demand market, in addition to the adjustment before the slow drying of the role of living economy, more importantly, it can provide a new way for the current grim employment situation. E-commerce, for example, has indirectly provided millions of of people with jobs in recent years, bringing in hundreds of millions of of its output, which fully illustrates the impact of the new economy (the internet economy).

Goodwill reminder: Use shop to start or expand marketing channels do not blindly follow the bandwagon, although there is no risk on the internet and low cost, but it still has its rules, first of all, to choose a suitable online development of services, and must do a good job in advance planning, grasp the point of their own good, so the probability of a big thing. (Author: Ling-GE)

Attached: Proposal on "Electronic commerce"

Suggestions on promoting the development of e-commerce and speeding up the construction of network market

National People's Congress, Zhejiang Textile and garment vocational and Technical College Dean Wang Meijin

First, the government should encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out e-commerce, through the reduction of tax exemption measures to promote integrated Web sites and enterprises to develop online transactions, promote the promotion of enterprise efficiency, to protect social employment. Support a larger scale and influence of the comprehensive web site, from the information release platform to gradually promote the development of a strong industry agglomeration, comprehensive and obvious online trading platform;

Second, to encourage individuals to carry out online transactions, active online market commodity circulation. The country or region may through the financial direct supplement way, encourages and supports the big, the secondary school graduate and so on the weak group to use the on-line transaction nimble convenient, the low cost superiority, through the electronic commerce independent undertaking;

Third, the Government to strengthen the support of farmers to the Internet, training rural e-commerce talent, accelerate the construction of rural online market;

Finally, the State should make progress on the development of electronic commerce, accelerate the construction of the long-term planning, credit, supervision and other systems, guide the healthy and rapid development of E-commerce, and strive to foster e-commerce, and make it a part of national competitiveness.

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