Online game development trend: Game experience has become the key to retain players

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Domestic online games in the quality of continuous improvement at the same time manufacturers are also in the market segments, at present, the domestic online games are mainly divided into three types of fees, time charges, equipment charges and prop charges, has been playing the role of the game, although occupy the market leader in the game, but with the form of online games play the role played a decline,  The current gaming experience has become the key to retaining players. Online games have aroused more and more people's attention recently, China has nearly two-thirds of internet users are online gamers, along with the number of online game players growing, the market scale of online games is also expanding. 2000 is recognized as the year of China's online games, after 9 years of development, online games has become China's Internet, one of the most important pillar industries. 2008, the domestic network game market size of more than 20 billion yuan, occupy the entire Chinese Internet 2008 years Market scale nearly 40% of the share. In the future will also be 20% annual growth rate, is expected in 2012, China's network game market size will reach 41 billion, occupy the world's half of the market. In the face of such a large market size, online gaming has become the most concerned and confident of the internet industry investors.  In the traditional network game to maintain high-speed growth at the same time, the web game in 08 to 09, the emergence of a large number of investors to attract attention. CNZZ has been watching the development of online games, in September released the "Summer Network game website Development Report", the industry's web site development has been analyzed.  Recently, with the domestic first big game "World of Warcraft" of all kinds of storms, the domestic online games market also appeared some fluctuations, so we are based on the October 2009 domestic network game of the top ten user data on the overall size and pattern of the current network game analysis, to help relevant people to understand the current market of the basic  Online games in accordance with the pattern of online game pricing, CNZZ will be divided into three types of traditional network games, time charge type, equipment charges and props charge type. In October 2009, the top ten online games in China, the time-paid online game occupies 4 seats,  October 2009 4 games in the total number of users to 5.2104 million, one-day online charge user peak of 293,500, free user peak of 97,400, the daily average number of users landing 66 minutes 33 seconds, the average free user landing time of 25 minutes 11 seconds. Since entering 09, according to the game time charge replaces the past popular prop charge to become the large-scale net swims mainstream charge way, in the 4-time toll-type online games, there are two in this year only started testing the new game, this kind of game to a certain extent to all players fairer, more to ensure the quality of the game.  As a result, although the number of players in the game is relatively small, the player spends the most time on the game, and it can be seen from here that the gaming experience is the most important factor in keeping the player and consuming it. In the time fee-type online games, although encountered to the approval of the case, but the "WarcraftThe world is still in front of a ride dust, its registration number, one-day online peak, players online time and other key data are far ahead of other games.  However, with the recent release of the department also issued a notice to stop the approval of the "World of Warcraft", the future of the charging pattern of online games may also have further changes. Equipped with a fee-for-money online game is 4 years ago the rise of the toll model, in October, the top ten online games in the same 4 games using this model.  In these 4 games, the average daily Online toll user's peak of 167,100, the average day of the user landing 56 minutes, the mean daily Online free user peak of 145,900, free users on the daily average length of 44 minutes 10 seconds. The equipment toll type network game after a few years of flourished has been showing fatigue state, many developers and operators have the idea of instant success, there have been a lot of "Xianchan", paid players and free players, extreme inequality, poor quality of the game, these reasons make the equipment toll-type online game players lose more serious.  As can be seen from the data, the number of charged players and free players in the same amount, but the toll users online longer than the free user, although claimed to be free games, but the game experience of free players is much worse.  Although many problems have arisen, received a lot of criticism, but equipment charges this model reduces the player to enter the threshold of the game, to meet the needs of a lot of players, as the game developers began to pay attention to improve the quality of the game for each player to provide high-quality gaming experience, equipment-type online games should also have a very long-term vitality. Prop charge type online games by selling items that do not affect the rules of the game to obtain income.  The game in the first ten games in October occupy two seats, the average daily Online user peak of 675,300, daily average online time of 61 minutes 41 seconds. Prop charge games are mainly developed by the world's largest instant messaging software company, which is also widely used in other extended applications of the software, players in such games because of a wide range of audiences and mature consumption habits, the number of such games is small, But the average number of players per game is the most in 3 kinds of charging mode.  Prop-Charging games will continue to exist and develop, but this mode of operation will be difficult to apply to other online game operators. Web games as a new game mode, the vast majority of the current use of pure free form, the October 31 monitoring data show that the top 5 games in the total number of players up to 1.5471 million, average daily Online user peak of 143,500, the average player online 30 minutes long.  The maximum number of web games in a single day online game peaks up to 255,600, averaging up to 37 minutes online. Web games because of its free client, anywhere can play the advantages of the game and better quality of the game, starting from the 2008, attracted a large number of players, the current ranking of the previous web game attracted the number of players have been able to and large online games a higher level. Web games have become a lot of webTravel company's key development projects, the current network game overall game and traditional online games still have a certain gap, its future development focus is to use the current technology to provide players with better visual and operational experience. Game mode distribution from the game mode, the domestic network game market has gradually shown the trend of diversification, role-playing network games in October in the top ten domestic network game reached 6, still maintain a leading position in the market, but compared with the previous years its importance has declined. Leisure online games rise rapidly, occupy the position of 3 seats, simple and easy online game attracts a large number of loyal players. There is also a first person shooter game also boarded the list. Online games industry web site size of the number of visitors is also a measure of network game attention to the importance of the level of indicators.  The number of online gaming industry visitors was 7.2051 million in October 31, up 2.7% last month.  The number of visitors to the online gaming industry site showed a steady increase in September to October, and the coverage of domestic online games continued to expand. Domestic online games after nearly a decade of development, the quality of the game is constantly improving, online games manufacturers further subdivide the market, according to the consumer psychology of different players to develop and operate strategies, the domestic online games market will also have a huge space for development. CNZZ will keep a close eye on the relevant data and provide real-time and accurate data analysis for the relevant people in the online games industry.
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