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According to the April mid-April "2011 First quarter Network game core Data" show: The first quarter of China's online game market size of 9.21 billion yuan, the chain Rose 1.8%, up 23.1% year-on-year, growth rate is gradually slow, the market scale close to saturation. After a few years of explosive growth, the domestic game market bubble out, market saturation network game company growth slow, the market is more balanced than ever before, the new network game difficult to break the market balance, shake Tencent, Shanda, Giants and several large network gaming companies monopoly status.

From the report can be seen as the main reason for the saturation of online games market is: Network game users age structure changes, the population of low age and aging bipolar, the original core consumer groups into the career, restricting the energy and money invested in the game; online game users are improving the quality of products, Too many homogeneous products in the market can not meet the demands of users, do not want to pay for low quality games, consumption tends to be rational; it can be said that China's online game market in the user side can produce market size has been saturated, in the entire industry business model, product quality and marketing means does not appear a great change in the circumstances, There will be no more rapid growth. Also difficult to have boutique online games turned out to break the inherent market.

In the market downturn in the online games, along with the domestic copyright treatment at the beginning of effectiveness, Internet users purchasing power, genuine palm machine, home computer games, PC single game market has developed. And the rapid growth of the web game has become one of the main driving forces of the online games industry. 2010 Chinese web game market actual sales revenue of 4.19 billion yuan, the web game market is growing fast. The low threshold of web game management is beneficial to attract entrants and enhance the vitality of the industry. At the same time, web games are no longer just small and medium-sized games business, but also gradually become a new business of large enterprises. It is the emergence of web games and single game sales into the right track, so that the Chinese game market is gradually to get rid of the previous title of a single online games development situation, to diversify the mode of industrial interchange development, promote the game industry healthy and orderly circulation.

In the game market began to change the development of the shape of the same time, game-type sites are also in the direction of diversification. In addition to several professional integrated game portals and large web game sites to control the market, Chinese game sites are in the rising of small and medium-sized websites, diversified development coverage of a broader situation. Survey shows that the current small and medium-sized game sites to provide a variety of game types with copyright legal game Download, Raiders, information, experience pictures as the core direction. I travel Network ( as a typical medium and small game site, content-centric, sharing for the purpose of the community as the core. Provide detailed stand-alone game download, on the basis of rich content, improve user initiative, combined with community guidance to improve user sharing interactivity. has now become a stand-alone game to download as the core operation of the most successful web site, has initially realized profitability. My network of successful positioning and transformation has become a small and medium-sized game site model.

In the game market changes in the period, the game site only to improve the sense of strain, defined as clear, timely adjustment strategy, the formation of differentiated marketing, to long-term development, closely follow the trend of market development.

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