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On the afternoon of November 18, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice on the Ministry of Culture on improving and strengthening the management of the content of online games, and further emphasized the relevant information on the management of online games content and the responsibility of online games administration. Whether for the online games industry, for companies, or for our ordinary online games players, the game market norms and order, are absolutely necessary.  From the unknown to the gold industry to this day, China's rapid development of online games, experienced a decade of wind and Rain, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice, also stressed that the game companies should strengthen self-discipline, improve the industry self-discipline and improve the regulatory system to combine, so that online games along the green, harmonious road development. This version of the interview Feng Yu in the notice, such a phrase has aroused the general attention of players: "Improve the rules of the game, adjust product structure." The network game enterprise should according to the National culture development need and the market trend, the innovation game rule, enriches the game content, adjusts the product structure, changes to play the strange promotion to dominate the game mode, to the game player's PK system, the marriage and love system and so on carries on the stricter restriction, takes the technical measure Strengthen the registration guide and game time limit for minors.  "Some players read this as" Can not play strange upgrade, can not PK marriage, "the online discussion. Adhesion is a double-edged sword play the game is why? 1000 players may have 1000 answers, there is a portal site to do the survey, the players choose the most answer is "to seek happiness", "Amateur Pastime", "accompany friends" and "a lot of reluctant to give up."  Players will naturally choose their own feel the most fun, the most reluctant to give up the game, only players to play this game, the company will have benefits, so some online games companies have come up with a variety of ways to extend the player stay in the game time. These methods simply summed up in a sentence, that is, the pursuit of the game's sticky players. Separately speaking, the way is more: the addition of holiday activities, so that players are reluctant to get off the line, increase gang warfare, City war, national war, camp warfare and other large-scale PK play, so that individual players must invest in large guild groups, resulting in emotional adhesion; use romantic plots to lead players to marry and even have children in the game, Use the way of virtual family to create the emotional input of the player, set the gold coin "open the box" and so on to play the game, let the player invest a lot of money after reluctant to give up ...  Many, will cause a lot of players "on line nothing, but reluctant to line" mentality. This is not to say that these ways are wrong, if a game a little aftertaste of fun, let people enter the impulse is not, how can people choose it? But things always have to be moderate, sticking is a double-edged sword. If the blood, violence, pornography, gambling and other vulgar and illegal content to attract users to consumers, especially minors and physical and mental health has adverse effects, it must be curbed.  Look at the portal on all new games to promote the inevitable "very yellow very violent" video and propaganda language, everyone will admit that the industry rectification is imperative. "Open chest" violatesRules? Then, rely on online games industry self-discipline, feasible? Some people in the industry said that mainly depends on supervision, because the current domestic games industry problems, and even the industry itself there is a serious disorderly competition, many problems lack of effective means of supervision and control. He cited an example: "There have been notices to prohibit the existence of gambling online games now, but a variety of changes in the name of the virtual gambling phenomenon has never stopped." For example, the game does not open a casino, but ' open the chest ', ' smash ' These forms, (editor Note: The purchase of the Mall treasure box opened in renminbi, access to a certain probability of virtual props, as well as the use of virtual gems and equipment to improve its properties, a greater chance of failure) which MMORPG game dare say no? such as the so-called ' Lottery ", said the festival every account has a lottery opportunity, or you can do a task in the game will have a lottery opportunity, then this is not called gambling, but now a lot of game companies are your one-time recharge how much of the renminbi, or to buy the number of yuan in the amount of virtual props, only this lottery eligibility, and extraction or relatively valuable virtual goods, this is called not It's called gambling? He also said: "If you completely eliminate all the" random rate "set in the game, it will completely overturn the d&d rule, which means to re-establish a game of the underlying algorithm. "He thinks that the details of the notice, the violation of the detailed list, such as" network game operators to vulgar, pornographic and other means of advertising and marketing, to provide virtual currency transactions to minors, in the user directly or disguised as a cash or online game virtual currency, under the premise of  Taking random sampling and so on to get users access to gaming products and services "will allow regulators to be more specific about their areas of responsibility."  Will it affect the player? What the average player is most worried about is how this change actually affects them.  In the interview, almost all the players said that the notice is timely, but some of the players expressed doubts. One is to worry about the impact of their own game experience, such as, "game does not let the blame how to upgrade ah?" Do we all go dancing and stealing food? "Don't let PK and don't let hit blame, that we can not only run the line map?" "" All at the same time operating PvP server and PvE server game, you see the final must be PvP area full, PvE area ghost Clothing, in case all games are not let PK, will no one play again? "Another category is the fear of good, implementation difficulties, a player mentioned in the game of the marriage system, feel unable to control:" Marriage, mentoring, friends, these are the content of interpersonal interaction, after joining the human factors it is difficult to control. Even if the cancellation of the game in the registration of marriage, also can not control the feelings between the players, their own in the game of mutual call husband wife, the occurrence, the impact, will not because there is no marriage system constraints. There is no marriage system at all for the game where the bronze door is going to be. "WhetherHow, I hope that the environment is increasingly green, pure, is the wish of all. The player has to say flag wood card West: (20 years old, students) online games environment is the reorganization, especially those with vulgar gimmick to play advertising, it is to give our players embarrassed.  Good play a game, also calculate domestic masterpiece it, but manufacturers to use erotic means to play ads, students thought I was playing what vulgar things, a disgrace to death. Jesscat: (29 years old, OL) did not affect me, I only play happy net and QQ Farm, what PK, marriage, random rate settings, and I have nothing to do.  The game is for me to fill in the spare time, simple point is good. Xiaoxiao: (24 years old, staff) I play this homemade fantasy game, not mainly by playing strange to upgrade, it is sold and gambling a little bit of the treasure box, but I do not buy that is. Adults play games should have self-discipline ability, and minors, my hands in favor of strengthening the protection of minors and restrictions, the best is the game can be implemented real-name and grading system, different age players enjoy different game content.  Like this treasure chest, I think, can be set up to 22 years of age to buy a player, because in China, the 22-Year-old before the player or students, take home money to play the game open treasure box is really bad, but after work, is it possible to a little appropriate self control of the consumption play it? Vodoo: (31 years old, civil servants, senior players) network game is a broad concept, we usually understand the network game, in fact, should be fully described as MMORPG, that is, large-scale role playing network games, in such games, playing strange upgrade can be said to be a conventional concept, But in other kinds of games, this is not necessarily the case. For example, we are familiar with music and dance games, sports ball, racing games, are not related to the fight. such as CS shooting game, the Three Kingdoms are unrivaled such fighting games, StarCraft, Warcraft, The age of the empire, such as the real-time strategy game, rich such a form of management games, the second life such a virtual community game ... the concept of "upgrade" is not the key, so the game companies may broaden their horizons, Use innovative thinking to look at new propositions.
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