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Online games industry into the Red Sea competition has become a foregone conclusion.  For the core competitiveness, marketing tools, user resources, product development and operation, talent team and other aspects of the overall upgrading of strength, mergers and acquisitions is imperative. The 2012 is the 12th year of the development of China's online gaming industry. The game industry is developing at a rocket-like pace, and practitioners are still not satisfied with the thrill of high growth.  As a result, these running years of "money-making machine" began to extend the chopsticks to other people's site, mergers and acquisitions are also like booster general, promoting the Chinese online games industry is constantly upgrading. Online games to the Sea accelerator "over the years I have witnessed and experienced a lot of online gaming industry mergers and acquisitions, both domestic and overseas." In particular, in recent two years, Chinese online gaming enterprises in the domestic market after high-speed growth has opened up overseas market determination and trend, so there will be more mergers and acquisitions of overseas game companies. Tan, Chairman and CEO of Shanda Games, said that in recent years Shanda has dominated mergers and acquisitions in the industry.  As in January 2010, Shanda played a wholly-owned 80 million dollar purchase of the US web game distribution platform Mochimedia, then September, and wholly owned the acquisition of South Korean game development company Eyedentity Games. According to its introduction, the purpose of these two mergers and acquisitions are different, the former is to build a stable overseas operating platform. Mochimedia is the world's largest games platform, with 150 million potential game consumers, more than 20,000 game products, and with nearly 40,000 distributors to establish a channel partnership. and Shanda Games in the industry has a wealth of online game products.  "The combination of the two, let the grand game gradually open up a leading network game media platform." and Eyedentity Games is a South Korea's new net swims the development company, the Grand Game agent the company develops the first product 3D movement swims "the Dragon Valley". The acquisition is a grand game in the large 3D online game product line and the overseas export strategy of an important layout, "eyedentity games added to enhance the grand game in product development, especially 3D network game product development capabilities." "Indeed, the merger behavior of the net swims enterprise can promote research and development strength, expand product line." Chinese game manufacturer's overseas merger and acquisition, not only lets the domestic game research and development technical force further enhancement, lets the overseas company in the game development and the operation process better localization, realizes the resources reasonable utilization and the allocation.  Through the acquisition of foreign game enterprises, not only can learn from its deep research and development experience, more importantly, to learn foreign enterprises for gaming and entertainment industry environment, the concept of forward-looking and other difficult to emulate the experience. "Domestic manufacturers through mergers and acquisitions to truly understand this soft power, so as to quickly gain a diversity of experience." "The great significance of overseas mergers and acquisitions is to strengthen the capital and strength of local enterprises to compete globally, and to achieve a global integration of game culture," said Yukang, chairman and chief advisor of the advisory body.Half the times to help companies open overseas markets, but also for the future to achieve cultural output lay the foundation. "Online games concept stocks benefit from Analysys International report shows that the current major problems in China's online games industry include lack of research and development capability and the serious content of the game, the lack of innovative spirit." The acquisition of excellent online games developers is the fastest way to enhance enterprise research and development capabilities.  According to Analysys International forecasts, the online gaming industry will be more big manufacturers to invest or buy small studios case, the emerging online games between developers and operators of mergers and acquisitions may also occur. According to the report released by the advisory, the 2011 China online gaming users pay market scale of 41.38 billion yuan, the chain growth of 17.5%.  With the diversification and refinement of the content of the Internet entertainment industry, the user's demand for products is increasing, and the monotonous content of the game and the way of game can't meet the demand. Eric Consulting that the game industry into the Red Sea has become a foregone conclusion. In the next few years, the overall market size of the online game will be further reduced, the core competitiveness of enterprises, marketing tools, user resources, product development and operation, talent team, and even public relations capabilities and other levels will enter the "knives meet" competition.  Therefore, the integration of mergers and acquisitions will help the online games industry to upgrade.  Ping An Securities account manager Wangbiao said, through mergers and acquisitions, China's online gaming enterprises in product development and talent reserves will be a higher level, the entire online gaming industry will be upgraded, China's online games concept unit will benefit directly. The Matthew Effect of the group confrontation according to the consultation, the next 5 years, the net users will be paid to the market scale of 5% annual growth rate, by 2016 the scale will reach 69.54 billion yuan.  The boom in the online gaming industry is bound to make acquisitions of giants more frequent, as acquisitions can help giants accumulate more and more resources and ultimately control the industry's dominance.  Yukang pointed out that the game industry has an obvious feature, that is, the first and second revenue gap is very far, so the consequences of frequent acquisition of the Giants will accelerate the industry differentiation, in this competitive situation, small online game manufacturers face the situation is increasingly grim. "Through frequent mergers and acquisitions, the stronger the strong ' Matthew effect ' in the online games industry, for any new entrants into the industry are ' dismount."  Yukang said that small and medium-sized online games companies can also choose a "small joint" approach, such as the emerging network game developers and operators between the joint, or small and medium-sized games between enterprises. "The advantage of this is that SMEs can jointly form their own voice in the industry in particular the right to pricing, to avoid vicious competition, and try to fight the monopoly of the industry to form their biggest sales interests." "Cultural integration is the key if the merger compared to a" food ", then the acquisition of domestic enterprises still belong to the local" cuisine ", basic can" eat accustomed ". But if the acquisition of overseas enterprises, a completely different "cuisine" and "taste", but also to "eat slowly", so as not to cause "indigestion." Therefore, the acquisition of enterprises, specialNot in the mergers and acquisitions of multinational enterprises, cultural integration has become a very important factor. "I think that in the process of mergers and acquisitions, we must always remember that the" Sea of rivers, capacity is big. Tan said that to integrate the culture well, the idea must be open.  According to the introduction, the Grand game in 2007 created the country's first and largest network game investment fund-18 funds, sustained investment and support a lot of excellent game development team in the country. In the 18 fund investment, Shanda games and 18 teams are not subordinate relationships.  In the form of cooperation, 18 funds fully respect the will of the investment team, investment, commissioned development, cooperation and development of various models are acceptable, to give the team independent brand, independent management, independent development, independent financing, independent listing on the basis of full decentralization. "Both in research and development and operations, entrepreneurs are fully autonomous control of creativity and project development direction, and Shanda games only participate in acceptance products." Such a commitment can fully dispel the worries of entrepreneurs, without worrying about turning from ' entrepreneur ' to ' wage earners '. "Tan said," Although the 18 fund investment can not be equated with Shanda games as the main body of mergers and acquisitions, but there are similarities and differences in the concept, we are the same as mergers and acquisitions enterprises, and not because they are mergers and acquisitions of the main body is very strong, but with an open and inclusive mentality to do communication. Yukang that the acquisition of Internet enterprises in the cultural level must first ensure that two enterprises in the integration can be a significant development, can form a greater impact on consumers, the second should gradually overcome the original two enterprises in the bad corporate culture, improve to an inclusive, open enterprise culture, the antagonism and impact to a minimum; Finally, we must extract the essence of the enterprise, form a new cultural concept and build a new enterprise around the new culture.
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