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experts: Don't let tradition become dramatic

Qingming will come, there are many people on the network to provide "ancestral graves" service businesses, service content in addition to sweeping cemeteries, flowers, incense and even before the tombstone to kowtow, to worship the word, the entire worship process can be through the mobile phone Live "live", and even the entire film will be provided video engraved to the worshippers. The reporter learned that, although Taobao micro-letter and the major service-oriented sites to provide such services, but not many orders, many people say they can not accept the agent worship.
can be Live "live" and carved plate gift
March 30, the reporter dialed a company to provide this service telephone, staff said, the company can provide professional "generation of Grave" "Jisao" "on behalf of the sweep" memorial, worship, mourning the "one-stop service" business, In order to not be convenient to the scene worshippers express filial piety and friendship. Reporter inquires that the company Jisao divided into 200 yuan, 500 yuan, 1000 yuan of three files, 200 yuan including weeding, sweeping the monument, incense, burning, flowers, and bowed to worship words and other services, 500 yuan increased voice and MMS confirmation agent arrived at the scene, offering more wine and cakes, You can also make a single video call. 1000 yuan can be 3G live live video calls, offerings are two or three times times the other grades, on-site worship video can also be carved into a CD-ROM to the worshippers.
reporters want 200 yuan of services, because the content does not include live video, fear that the company does not promise the service. In this respect, the staff said that grave-sweepers belong to the memory of the deceased, which in itself is a product of merit, no one will take this joke. Staff also wash their heads before Jisao, wearing black or white underwear. Customers can also increase the kowtow and other "value-added services", each increase of 50 yuan-100 yuan.
Ask a lot of turnover is basically zero
reporter in Taobao search "agent Grave" suddenly appeared a lot of shops, but most shops this service turnover is zero. Reporter investigation found that the provision of this service for a number of private errand companies, agents of various business. "There are a lot of people asking after the launch, but there's almost no real orders," said one shopkeeper. There are some flowers that we can help set the Qingming Jisao. "
Ms. Li, a family worker in Harbin after graduating from university, a few years did not return to the" home ", she heard that there are agents Jisao business, but always feel to find a person on behalf of their own graves not serious enough, after all, to" outsiders ", or let" home "relatives on behalf of their own express miss feeling better.
Many netizens also in micro-letter micro-blog said that the deputy grave how all feel awkward, qingming Jisao is a traditional way of Chinese filial piety, looking for someone to replace the taste changed. But there are also a few people who say they can't get to the scene, and finding someone to replace them is a way to express their feelings.
Expert opinion:
Don't make it too dramatic. Chi Wenyong, a sociology professor at Heilongjiang University, said that the tomb-sweeping day was jisao to find someone to actUnderstandable, not completely denied, but instead of others such as kneeling, crying this behavior seems to be a bit outdated.
Chi Wenyong said that the Qingming festival to worship the deceased relatives, friends, classmates, benefactors, teachers is the Chinese to express their thoughts of the deceased's feelings of a tradition. But at the same time, people can not because the development of the market to exchange emotions and money, even if not to the scene, in the spirit and heart to respect the deceased, can not be completely replaced by money. It is not necessary to spend money on kneeling in front of a tomb, but to commercialize and dramatize the seriousness of Jisao.
-journalist Wang Qing

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