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Do the power of website promotion originates from the traffic of the website, the level of traffic depends on the promotion of the webmaster, and in the use of many of the methods of promotion, almost all found that the promotion of different effects are also different, so how to promote the site to maximize the benefits of the site to obtain stable traffic? Next to the online navigation bar on eight kinds of website promotion

I. Soft text Promotion

Soft text promotion is also the most direct, most effective way to promote, a good soft wen want to be in 2000 pieces of junk news, at the same time, good soft text is often reproduced by the Internet, so that not only the site has a high weight, but also can get a lot of outside the chain, if you can persist in writing two pieces of soft wen that is the best.

Two. Links promotion

Link promotion can improve the PR value of the site, the new station if you can connect with PR3 or PR4, plus the site has a large part of the original article, then the PR value of the new station generally at least two months will rise to PR2, Like my site online navigation bar has to achieve such a PR value, but generally no one is willing to exchange, after all, the new station PR is definitely 0, so if a friend to do the site and have a higher PR value, you can find him connection.

Three. Forum Promotion

Forum promotion is also the most tired of a method, with the upgrade of the website system, some websites will automatically identify with the information of the Web site, in the Good article with the connection will not go up, there is one of the most abominable is, to register members, the member registration and show how long to specify the time before it can be published, So the forum promotion can put the information in the various signature, to carry on the promotion.

Four. Blog Promotion

Blog promotion can also bring traffic to the site, such as Sina Tianya, and blog promotion is easy to be included in Baidu, but Baidu included depends on the quality of the article, good blog article will be included in the day, because like Sina Tianya they are very high weight, hundred reading spiders will often be attached there to absorb fresh blood.

Five. Website promotion

Website promotion refers to the content of the site is to have a large number of essence articles. The essence of part from the network collection, a larger part should be from the original site, the original is the essence of the content, and the essence of the content released the same day will be included.

Six. Question and answer platform promotion

Question and answer platform to promote can borrow Baidu know Soso ask to increase the weight of the site, and the site has a higher weight, the keyword will generally be ranked in front of others.

Seven. Mail promotion

The general efficiency of the mail promotion is not high, because the mail promotion generally will be misunderstood is the spam advertisement, but more or less will bring the point flow.

Eight. Paid advertising

Paid advertising is also to obtain a stable flow of one of the ways, but search engine bidding rankings are pay-per-click, so you must master the key word selection and settings skills. Article from the online navigation bar welcome reprint, Civilized reprint please note name source

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