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1, and similar shop to do links

In order to promote the popularity of their own shop, increase the flow, in the preparation of the store should pay more attention to some of the content of their online shop or similar sites, especially those with high traffic flow, can be carefully collected, and so their own store built, you can talk about the link with them. Of course, at the beginning of the shop, others may not pay attention to your website because of the lack of traffic, this requires you to put down your posture, and sincerely talk to them, as long as Prudential, plus their own in the store to do their site links, I believe your site will soon appear in their site, mutual publicity well.

2, in the alumni propaganda

Generally not a long distance from the campus you have their own alumni it, have you ever thought to make it reasonable use it? Go forward, tell your classmates, friends, opened their own shop, not only to let mentorship share with you the joy of opening a shop, but also is to gather popularity, and perhaps their favorite products, so, Another group of potential customers.

3, printing business cards in the real world spread

Perhaps you will say, since most of the online publicity, everyone who can not see who, to make a business card is not a waste of cost? The shop is open on the Internet, but you are the life of you, to the buyer mail baby is also in the reality. Design a unique personalized business card, printed on their own contact and store address, in the Mail may wish to put a few in. Because the design is exquisite, the buyer is reluctant to discard, if there is a chance, the other party will show it to others, so that is tantamount to help you do propaganda. Oh, the details of the place, it depends on whether you want to get.

4, the use of search engine optimization to enhance the ranking

Is the said SEO technology. Can do with some network to promote the optimization of the company to cooperate, please them for their own online shop out of a plan to improve the overall ranking of the site. Ranked by the former, the probability of being searched by the customer also increased several times, but also developed a lot of potential customers, as long as in your shop on the taste, there are things they need, it is not difficult to let them become your prospective customers. Tong Wang Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to network marketing research, planning of the network company, Mr. Tong introduced a book of about 100,000 Words (new edition) of the monograph "Search engine rankings", detailed description of how to optimize the site, improve rankings, including the choice of keywords, interested friends may wish to http:// look at Oh, more than the pressure on the body, learn a little more certainly for you to promote the shop is good.

5, often updated shop

The reason is self-evident, change the page, will give a refreshing feeling, don't always board a lifeless face, will let some of the shop friends bored. If you have no other items in the store recently, there is no new products, but also do not forget to change the location of several goods, or add some new words, in short, often to new will attract people.

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