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In reality, because of regional differences and so on, a lot of things will go through a lot of links, so the cost is a step by step, the price is also relatively high. Many sellers on the network have their own channels and "> Price advantages, coupled with the network platform to provide a broad range of competitive platforms, compared to the price is much lower, Many are the factory directly in sales.

If the local can not buy things, network purchase because of flat mail, Express, EMS and other transport network sound, speed is very fast. According to your question is to ask the benefit so just say the advantage of the network.

Online shopping, is through the Internet to retrieve merchandise information, and through the electronic purchase order to issue a purchase request, and then fill in a personal check account or credit card number, the manufacturer by mail order delivery, or through the courier company door-to-door.

With the popularization and application of Internet in China, online shopping has become one of the online behaviors of people. According to the results of the December 2007 CNNIC, the National network shopping scale is 46.41 million people, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the number of Internet users accounted for 210 million of the country's 9%, and the number of Internet users in the three has accounted for 17% of the country. Shanghai's network shopping penetration rate reaches 45.2%, is the network shopping most popular city. Second is Beijing, Internet users in the online shopping penetration rate is close to 40%, Guangzhou's level is slightly more than 30%. The average internet shopping penetration rate in other cities is lower, with 21.6% of netizens buying something online half a year.

Christmas has not come, the site and the entity of the PK has become increasingly fierce, the site is still the main position of Ah, Taobao and other shopping platform, the entity's main positions are television, newspapers and other media. In reality, more and more young people are willing to choose online shopping at Christmas, but in the online shopping, but also beware of being cheated.

The advantage of choosing online shopping at Christmas

1, through third-party payment tools to protect the security of banknotes, such as Baidu's hundred pay, Taobao Alipay, the use of third-party payment tools can effectively prevent network scam, as long as the money in the Third-party payment tools, there will be no disputes.

2. Save money. Compared to the Christmas shopping malls and third-party shopping platforms of similar products, the average network than the entity cheaper 10%-30%, mainly the network has no shop rent and tax pressure.

3. Convenient. I believe many male compatriots have experience, accompany women shopping is a very test endurance things, especially at Christmas, the mall is certainly a sea of people, in the case of around, will consume a lot of time, at least a shop to 15 minutes, and on the computer, as long as a mouse, you can see different prices , quality and other information. Easy to save a little mouse.

Christmas online shopping need to pay attention to several points:

1, must not be able to receive the goods before the confirmation payment;

2, if the other party needs to pay a deposit, do not pay, some cheats will say where the goods, was XX Public Security Bureau buckle down, and now have to pay security to deliver;

As long as the money does not reach each other's hands, the right to speak is here, remember.

The advantages of shopping offline at Christmas

1. Don't worry about buying fakes. Many netizens have said that they have bought fakes on the Internet more or less, while in the regular shopping malls, the chances of encountering fakes are relatively small.

2, do not worry about the purchase of product quality risk. Online purchase of products, if the quality of the problem, it is difficult to give you the assurance of repair or return, and in the formal market, encounter these problems, will soon be addressed to you.

3, can feel the Christmas atmosphere, and in the network shopping, and offline shopping feeling is completely different.

A few things to note about Christmas offline shopping:

1, must obtain the regular invoice;

2, no need to care too much about how many coupons, all shopping malls are said to 100 to send 100, or to buy 100 to send 100, "full" and "buy" is a difference, and the use of coupons only in the activities of the goods, good commodity coupons are not to buy;

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