Online shopping without Monopoly is surprisingly winning

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Online shopping without Monopoly is surprisingly winning

The Heart of Rock

u disk and card reader are not unfamiliar, and in the popularity of the PC today, it seems that the hands of a U disk or card reader, but this kind of products to our impression is a long strip of small things, a single form is not beautiful. Today, I would like to introduce some super cute, alternative, stylish, cool U disk and card reader.

One, Yau giggle Monkey Reader, a machine for multiple use, with cosmetic box, jewelry, card reader triple function. Beauty will love it.

Is it a makeup box?

It's a card reader.

Second, super cool blue symbol mirror USB hub2.0/hub, will be like a chocolate phone will blush.

Third, Lenk laser key u disk 4G size, cool enough, handsome enough, Chao man's favorite.

Four, MSN designated users online, small angel will flicker different light to prompt you.

These cool products are the author from a call "24 snapping net" E-commerce site to see, as E-commerce researchers, for the site's products and business philosophy are necessary to comment on a few words:

In the booming E-commerce today, online shopping is no longer a novelty, netizens are also beginning to accept this convenient way of shopping. Although Taobao, Pat built a large Consumer-to-consumer network shopping platform, but does not mean that other e-commerce sites have no prospects, as long as they can do strange, innovative, safe, as well as a good market.

This e-commerce network of goods sold are alternative, funny goods, this first in the positioning has been done innovation, consumer groups also have a difference, and there is a good idea, that is, "Rob", 24 hours to sell only one commodity, expired will never be bought, this "scarce" marketing way is also very creative, It is necessary to promote the enthusiasm of consumers to buy goods and form a virtuous circle of "snapping up".

and sell only 1 items a day, this will inevitably increase the sales of a single commodity, effectively reducing the cost of goods procurement, so the retail price of commodities is naturally lower than the market price; Secondly, the site supports Alipay, tenpay, cod and other diversified payment methods, so that consumers buy at ease, while providing perfect after-sales service; The site is implementing national delivery payments, which means that 0 of the risk of online shopping becomes a reality.

E-commerce is bound to blossom, but also must become the new hot spot of the Internet development, the author also several times in the article about the Internet that the future development direction of the Internet is not technological progress, but with the combination of real economy, and life combined to achieve "landing" development, which is the "long Tail theory" put forward the challenge, Because the theory of the long tail is about the decline of the real economy, and the Internet will become the mainstream, in fact, the internet and the real economy are mutually integrated, complement each other!

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