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To provide personal information such as wills of custody and delivery services, "Web will" website 12th officially online.  However, the current Web site will only be stored in a saved copy of the file, does not have the legal effect. In the "Web will" website, wrote, it is mainly for the accidental death of people to establish their own "Life black box", that is, the network will safe deposit box.  The user delivers 29 yuan, may apply for the safe deposit box and obtains the lifelong custody, simultaneously sets one to three designated contact person. Is there a legal basis for a will to be saved through the Internet? "Network will" the founder of the website Lijia said, "The network Wills" provides the user Wills information preservation and delivery services. "This network will not yet have legal effect, its main is to facilitate the vast number of users in advance to respond to unexpected situations, their own important information to the designated contact person." Lijia said that users can be notarized text will scan or audio-visual files uploaded to the safe as a back-up file, and indicate the original will place of deposit. When an accident occurs to the user, the information is passed along with other information in the safe to the user's designated contact to facilitate the contact to find the original will. (Reporter Song)
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