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The legal battle between Sony and the Magic Boy Geohot has recently progressed, and Judge Joseph Spero has made a new ruling that allows Sony to gain access to Geohot's personal website and its YouTube channel's User IP address,  Some worry that ordinary users will also be involved in the lawsuit. According to the court decision, Sony may request the Geohot personal website's virtual host provider Bluehost to provide all the service logs, IP information, user accounts, registration information and other user authentication information of the website since January 2009 to date.  Sony also has access to personal information about the users of its PS3 cracked video through Geohot's YouTube channel.  The verdict of the focus of the people geohot ordinary users will also be tragic?  The court's verdict has aroused the attention of many players, since there have been few cases like this one, it is not clear how many of the users who have just browsed the video or other information on the site are involved in the lawsuit, and how the case will change after Sony has obtained the information. Players worry about privacy disclosure for many players, may be more worried about their privacy is leaked, not every browsing geohot or PS3 cracked video is a technical strength of the cracked, more or those "admiring" the ordinary players, They choose to focus on geohot and cracked videos because they are curious or want to know some relevant information.  In this personal privacy is highly valued today, the player's worry is reasonable. Sony is determined very large players think Sony this is to sweep, because PS3 crack video and some crack information has been passed through the Geohot website, in order to ensure that the Internet no longer appear similar to large-scale transmission, Sony naturally want to control the source of transmission,  Obtaining these user information will be helpful in tracking other online communicators in the future. A hacker named Graf_chokolo, a hacker in the PS3 plug-in community, posted a number of heavily armed people who had rushed into his home in the night to search the speculators, shortly before the hacking. "Sony took a bunch of cops in my house today to take away my computer and PS3," the hacker warned others, "all of you have to be careful now." "Sony wants hackers to shut up: even though hackers have repeatedly claimed to be cracking PS3 in order to allow PS3 to run other systems (such as Linux) to have more functionality, these actions will only make piracy more rampant in Sony's view. The legal turmoil is far from over, as the event progresses, what will change? (Edit/Xu Mingming)
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