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Website Optimization technology has been introduced into the country for several years, and the optimization techniques are gradually transparent, open, more and more people have mastered the correct optimization skills. However, different optimizer use these same optimization techniques to produce different results: Some people can optimize the first page of the site, some people can only be stopped in the second page or later position, this is why?

After the author's experience and analysis, the reason is very simple, can be explained in one sentence: Details determine success or failure. Many seoer do not pay attention to details, only know how to use those rugged optimization skills, but not to improve the details of optimization, the best attention to the details of the seoer beyond. Therefore, in the ordinary optimization work, we should pay attention to and improve some optimization skills. So, what are the details that need to be perfected?

"Detail One": Make the site description more innovative

Previous optimization techniques have also been mentioned, requiring us to pay attention to the site title, keyword, description these three major tags fill and optimize. Although the three major tags in the optimization of the weight of the role has become less, but still is the optimizer must pay attention to the details, especially the description---Web site description. Many webmasters do not attach importance to the description of the site, just casually put a piece of the site on the finished, they think these descriptions of the site rankings do not have any role. But the truth tells us it's not, like our SEOVIP:


From the description of the screenshot above, we can analyze SEOVIP This site description of the site is very creative, concise, neither can stack keywords, but also a good highlight of the site's main business, so that users first time to realize that the site and other SEO training site differences, for users branded a deep impression, This is one of the places that Seovip deserves to be studied.

"Detail two": The trust of the website needs to be further improved

The internet is full of all kinds of false information, almost every day people are deceived, so many users are gradually to some small sites to create a negative feeling of distrust, which is worth our attention to optimize personnel. To enhance the trust of the site there are many ways, here I recommend you webmaster a method: Through the security of Baidu certification, the following figure:


As long as Baidu to apply for security certification, and get 400 calls, the site's trust will be further improved, but also allows Baidu to more identify the site, enhance the site rankings, such a thing, why not?

"Detail three": website content should be enriched

Content for the king, this is the eternal truth, but a lot of optimization staff did not really pay attention to the content, most of the time is to update and to update, casually from other people's website collection articles and simple pseudo original to forget. The content of such websites is bound to be unpopular. The author thinks, you optimization personnel in editing the article, should discard the former kind for the website optimization and update the content of the mentality, but should think more about what users need what content, these content how can become richer. I can teach you a way, is the pictorial editing method. Most of the time we can't write high quality originals, but it's also useful to be able to use the form of inserting pictures to make the article richer, as in the following illustration:


Although the content of the article is not highly original, but these boring text plus the picture will make the whole article become richer, more readable, as long as stick to it, users and Baidu Spider will be more like your site content, your site to get the home page is just round the corner.

Details determine success or failure, this word is the eternal truth, we do optimization work should not only everywhere hair outside the chain, collect articles everywhere, but should pay attention to the bottom of the optimization details, by understanding these details, and then gradually improve, I believe that soon can surpass our opponents to reach the peak of the home page. This article by the Qingyang Forum ( LongDong Webmaster Original, reproduced please indicate the source. Qingyang micro-signal 2233903257 Sina Weibo: @ longdong Sunshine network Tencent Weibo: @sun0934.

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