Only the "Swag" railway is carrying a parcel.

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The concept of high-speed rail express, since the opening day has been, but has not been fully spread in the market. The reporter learned from the Iron Express, since yesterday, the national 20 cities began to launch high-speed express business, including Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities.

High-speed express delivery of the biggest change is a "fast" word, you can achieve "day up", but the price is not expensive, from Hangzhou sent a kilogram of express to Shanghai, starting at a price of 50 yuan.

For such tariffs, there are insiders believe that high-speed rail is far higher than the steam, to a certain extent, limited the development of high-speed express.

Only the "Swag" railway is carrying a parcel.

For a long time, railways have been the main means of transportation such as ore, steel (market area), coal and other commodities (commonly known as "swag"), such as "white goods" such as home appliances (market area), clothing and so on, the railway performance is weak.

There are data shows that in the domestic express market, 80% of the goods are the way to use Road, 15% of the goods to take air transport, rail transport in the logistics of the market share of less than 5%, not to mention the higher transport costs of high-speed express.

Last December, China Railway Express first Test water in the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed delivery business, the main business documents, and do 5 kg of the following express cargo transport. This time, the China Railway Express to run the city scope again expanded.

The reporter learned from the Iron Express, from April 1 opened high-speed express business involving 20 cities, including Hangzhou, Shanghai. See from its official website, the business mainly divides into "the day reaches", "the second morning reaches" and "the next day reaches" 3 kinds of products. One of the most expensive is the "day up", from Hangzhou to Shanghai, the first heavy (billing weight of 1 kg) is 50 yuan, continued to weigh 15 yuan/kg.

According to industry analysis, the advantage of high-speed express is speed, punctuality rate, to the Beijing-Shanghai Railway as an example, the whole 1318 kilometers, 5 hours can be achieved, the speed is much higher than the road transport, compared with air transport, free from weather and natural conditions, can also carry some of the air embargo.

Reporter interviewed Hangzhou, a courier company in charge, he expressed another view. "The high-speed rail is indeed faster than the car, but after the arrival of high-speed rail, the same need to send freight to distribution center sorting, and then the whole city delivery, this process is not any advantage, may not necessarily be able to do a good user experience." ”

March 31, the reporter called the High-speed Express hotline 95572. The operator of the wiring said that the high-speed express business had been taken in advance.

According to the other party, consumers if you want to send high-speed express, only need to call the hotline, in the five major cities in Hangzhou, can enjoy free access to goods services, do not need consumers to send parcels to high-speed railway station. Similarly, like other courier companies, can also achieve door-to-door.

"At present, Hangzhou can achieve only one city in Shanghai, the price is the first heavy 50 yuan, continued heavy is 15 yuan/kg." "The other side said that at present, the price is subject to the first heavy prices and the long road." The so-called "Day of arrival", that is, 10 points in the morning before the order before 10 o'clock in the evening.

In addition, Hangzhou to achieve "the next day Tatsu" City is Nanjing, the first heavy 10 yuan, continued to weigh 2 yuan/kg.

For such a quote, a consumer surnamed Zhang said he could accept it. "The other side said:" The same day up to send a dispatch, 50 yuan price is not particularly high, and the next day up to also as long as 10 yuan, than ordinary Express company is limited. ”

In his view, the key is the high speed express Word-of-mouth, whether the same as other courier companies to solve the "last kilometer" problem.

The day of Hangzhou to Shanghai, the first heavy 50 yuan


Japanese goods set in China to send the fastest 3 days to

Also in April, there is a new bubble called "Black Cat House Nasty" courier company. It is reported that Japanese Jamado holding company, one of Japan's large courier companies, will work with China Post Group, the largest logistics company in the country, in April to launch a distribution network from Japan to China to buy goods services.

The reporter learned that the company's logistics network is "Black Cat House", the main business in Shanghai, Hangzhou, the main urban area has a network set up.

It is reported that the Japanese Jamado holding company opened a new China direct delivery business, that is, to buy goods from Japan's Chinese consumers to provide goods from Japan to China's services, the consignee can receive the goods in the fastest 3 days.

"Black Cat House is urgent" the Japanese goods by air shipped to Shanghai, and then handed over to China Post Group distribution network of goods to the whole of China, and the distribution cost of 1 kg below about 2000 yen (about 120 yuan).

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