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With the rise of internet web2.0 and SNS in recent years, Internet Word-of-mouth has become the most important factor affecting netizens ' shopping, the Internet is the brand or the consumers pay more and more attention to social marketing. With the impact of the financial crisis, although the major brands in the 09 marketing budget has decreased trend, but in the social marketing budget than the previous year has a certain range of increase. 2008-2010 E-commerce Market still has more than 50% of the speed of growth, electric business enterprises pay more attention to accurate shopping guide channels.

In such a large environment, at the beginning of the 2009, the only comprehensive revision of the net, released the "Baby" and "Moonlight Box" (forthcoming) two new products, and strengthen the SNS user interaction, from the original vertical community (BBS) model for vertical female SNS, and through social commerce (Social Commerce) model, Consumer Word-of-mouth guide business to produce its core business value, help brand enterprises to effectively achieve network Word-of-mouth marketing, to help the electric business enterprises to provide precision marketing channels.

Research shows: "77% of Internet users buy goods online before, will refer to other people on the Internet to write the product evaluation", only the network through the user's SNS relationship, consumer evaluation of goods, in the relationship of friends will be the product of a great shopping guide, Friends of Word-of-mouth directly determine the purchase decision. Because the site is centered on consumer Word-of-mouth, comment on the product, discuss the brand, even to the business score, through the consumer, brand, product, Business (customer) marketing value chain, so there are many brand manufacturers (Clinique, Dew Clear, affordable materia medica, etc.) and the only network cooperation, Hope that through the consumer in the SNS relationship spread Word-of-mouth, enhance the brand's visibility and reputation. Only the Iraqi network will be released in 2009 for E-commerce Enterprises of the commodity precision Shopping guide services, consumers concerned about what goods, the consumer to provide the price of the goods, will be accurate shopping guide flow to E-commerce platform. was founded in March 2008, is currently the largest female cosmetics exchange community in China; Website registered users 350,000; The community is only the most fiery part of the network, the Daily Post volume of 120,000, the topic focused on the use of cosmetics and female consumption-related; Day visits 20,000 IP,PV20 million.

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