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Abstract: Cat's Eye mobile technology. Sohu It exclusive released a pile of smart products, brother, opened a box of basic Wood wrote. Not long ago the world's third public-chip website pozible (. com) into the country, I wrote an article about Pozible, I wrote because the founder of the website

Cat's Eye mobile technology, Sohu it exclusive release

Brother Cat saved a bunch of intelligent products, opened a box of basic Wood wrote. Not long ago the world's third public-raised website Pozible (. com) into the country, I wrote an article on Pozible, I wrote because one of the founders of this website is our Chinese. The Web site in foreign literature to take a fresh way to win a lot of applause (before the article Transmission Gate point here), I mainly planed the above technology digital category of the public-funded projects. Pozible currently in the domestic just a public product, but in this product before the son also scraped a whirlwind, because throughout the domestic intelligent hardware products in 2-3 days to break 500,000 of the fingers can count over, a few star products have this situation. Pozible on the smart hand Ring "Gyennoone" (zhen-technology) is one of them, I remember correctly the first day on the line seems to have broken 300,000. This is relatively rare.


So the product of the fire cat brother how can I miss the opportunity to experience? A few days ago I just received Gyenno.boss sent the Engineering sample machine, general product packaging are used to white, right? This smart wrist with a set of red box wrapped, placed on my desk is conspicuous, and then I think, I have never written Open box text, look at this big red box very festive, the YA opened it!

Open it! Gyennoone Intelligent Hand Ring, many pictures!


Lei Feng's net also wrote an open box before, because they are engineering samples, the application of the app and hardware optimization is not fully finished, so the cat can not use the depth of the wrist belt, but the bright spot is not entirely in the app, itself this product will let you have a good look at the Look at what we have built I think is a completely can on the international stage of intelligent products.


There are three things in the box of the engineering machine, wrist strap, USB data line, standing is the legendary wireless charging base! Yes, this wrist band is wireless charging technology, you only need to put it on the base can be charged, fully charged about 1 hours, save the charging interface.


Clear a water of the black, charging the base is very high, look very stylish stand there, the upper groove is put wrist band place. I'm starting to wonder why the charging base is so high, it's certainly impossible to be tall, put a few wrist to go up to probably feel out, if this base design is low, in the wrist strap and wrist strap may not be convenient, designed to stand on the table in the pick of time will be more comfortable.



So look at this product is not a bit of a feeling, I think this is often worn on the limb of the equipment is best to use wireless charging, because more than one mini USB interface is neither beautiful nor convenient, with a long time the interface part is also easy to wear. If the wireless charging technology, the entire product can be implemented in one package, no interface is the most comfortable.


I said above it and international fan son, not I have to boast it, mainly because I got the engineering machine is not 100% perfect, but also meticulous enough, but the function is not perfect, thought this is finished. Gyenno.boss always told me that the finished product will be more perfect. Look at the whole product material is also enough work, one hand ring is the wrist strap and fuselage integrated process, seemingly this process is very complex, wrist strap and fuselage is completely different two kinds of materials, you see two wrist straps like wings on both sides, because it is directly connected to the device on both sides, there is no such as a watch-like joints. Another hand ring with a white LED display, outside the glass is "gorilla", both sides of the deep empty gray metal wrapped, thickness and a Iphone5 almost.



This bracelet is so hot, there may be another reason for its function, app hasn't come out yet, I can't experience it now, but I know it covers the features of almost all the smart-wear devices available on the market, such as basic steps, motion monitoring, display time, multiple reminders, and more. I heard that after the finished product, the device can be wirelessly connected to the mobile device to upgrade the firmware directly, which means that subsequent functional applications and extension programs can be upgraded firmware to fix.



I was wearing a jawbone up2, but I am suffering from a long time since the Hi, app, a friend of the wood there, so after all these years I have to call me out of bed, nothing to set a reminder stew soup, other features I do not use. Other smart bracelet functions are too limited, I have tried the left hand wear cookoo watch, right hand wear misfit shine bracelet, but both hands are shaking to make me the whole person is bad, I tell the truth, this gyennoone hand ring first I am interested in the function of its integration, Before I saw the goods, I thought it was a light gimmick without the desire to wear products, but saw the work of the engineering machine and the overall feeling is really very good, wear very comfortable also quite good-looking.


At present, the pozible of the bracelet has soared to more than 720,000, from the end there are more than half a month, I guess the final amount should be in 1 million or so, I opened a box today, the cat friends of this goods interested can add my micro-letter message to me, I can help you for free advice, Then wait for app online, then a functional evaluation!

How do you feel when I write the text in my head?

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