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To create an open source "> Software Definition Network (SDN) platform, The Linux Foundation launched the Opendaylight Collaboration project in April 2013. The project continued to grow and develop within a year of start-up.

June 5, the Opendaylight project announced a new list of members. Meanwhile extreme NX, Flextronics and Oracle also formally announced their participation in the Opendaylight project on 5th, which increased the number of members to 39. At the beginning of the founding of Opendaylight in 2013, the first members included: Arista Network, Big Switch Network, brocade, Cisco, Jie, Dell, Ericsson, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Intel, Juniper Network, Microsoft, NEC, Nuage network, PLUMgrid , Red Hat and VMware.

As for the way the Opendaylight project recruits new members, the Executive director of the project, Neela Jacques, said the recruitment methods varied, but most of the members volunteered to join. "In general, these companies will be involved in the 17802.html" > Developer community for a long time before deciding to apply for membership, or we can engage with them in a number of meetings and communicate extensively, "Jacques said. They want to know the content and purpose of the project and ultimately decide what they want to provide formal support for. ”

Although the Opendaylight project now has 39 members, they expect more companies to join in the future. Jacques says the Opendaylight project does not set a target for the number of members, nor does it set an upper limit. "We want any company that is interested and willing to support the project to join us," he said. ”

Project members must pay a certain fee according to the size and membership level of the company. Jacques said: "Silver members are required to pay 1 to 20,000 U.S. dollars a year, the specific amount will be based on the size of the company to adjust accordingly." "If Oracle is added to the Opendaylight project as a silver member," he said.

For Oracle, they are joining the opendaylight not just for observation, they are also planning to integrate Opendaylight technology in the upcoming Solaris 11.2 Unix operating system. Although Solaris 11.2 is currently in beta, they have been deeply integrated with the open source OpenStack cloud platform.

"Opendaylight allows customers to use SDN, Opendaylight-compatible network devices and SDN applications controlled by Oracle Solaris applications to improve their service quality," Flierl, Oracle's Solaris vice president, said in a statement. ”

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