Opening report: First-season run loses the market often wins myth dashed

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China Merchants Bank's first report revealed private equity fund performance of the debut season win the Myth of the collapse of Shenzhen News Network in People's impression, private equity always cover the mystery, in the stock market to kill, it seems, with profiteering. Some outlaws are frantically accumulating in the guise of private placement. Guangdong Securities and Regulatory Bureau announced the latest 60 "black institutions", there are many dozen "South China Private", "Black stone Private" and other cover.  Analysis of the industry, this and the current domestic private equity funds lack of uniform standard information disclosure of the market environment. Yesterday, the bank's first release of the 2009 quarterly report on the performance of private equity funds, opened the private equity performance of the "veil": in the first quarter of this year, the so-called "private equity often wins" myth no longer.  In all of the tracked stock-type private-equity products, all types are running the index. Private equity's first-quarter explosive growth according to the domestic operating mode and concept, known as private equity funds usually include trust program, brokerage collection of financial management, Enterprise annuity, fund, Equity Investment Limited partnership and investment management companies. The report research of private equity, refers to the current regulations and policies to provide institutional support, relatively mature and standardized private mode of operation, including the collection of trust programs, securities collection plan and corporate pension plan.  Due to the limitation of information disclosure and the limitation of market data, the report temporarily does not analyze the overall market condition of the Collective Trust plan and the enterprise annuity. Since 2005, the first brokerage collection of financial planning-Everbright Sunshine set Assets management plan was formally established, more than 5 years time the securities brokerage market ushered in an unprecedented rapid development.  As of March 31, 2009, the securities companies have issued a cumulative 64 collection products.  Each year the number of newly established collection of wealth management products climbed gradually, the first quarter of 2009 reached a record high of 18, more than the previous year issued a quantity. The current market operation of the 50 securities dealers set the starting scale reached 731. 4.5 billion yuan, the overall is a steady rise in the trend of the year. The initial size of 2009 is expected to reach 100 billion yuan.
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