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The operation of the long tail word in the station is mainly to use the page of the site and the topic of the column page to layout a large number of long tail keywords. Long tail of the word ranking is usually three months after the site began to have rankings, but the long tail word layout in the site to start planning steps, different pages can not have long tail keyword duplication. The procedure is as follows:

1, the selection of Long tail keywords: the same keyword usually has many different versions of the search, such as "What is SEO" can be "what is the meaning of SEO", "What Is seo", "seo means what", In the face of different users of the search habits we should choose which one or whether we can put all the long tail words are layout to our website? The answer is no, the same long tail word represents the same meaning, if we put all the long tail words are layout to the site so bound to create the same content page, will result in a lot of spam pages. So to select a long tail keyword as a site within a certain page title, in the above four inside we choose "SEO is what" because "SEO is what" the largest number of searches, and search for other long tail words can also find "SEO is what". In the Chinese word can contain the long tail words inside the choice contains the long tail words, in Chinese participle can not contain the long tail words, we choose the largest search volume long tail words. Filtered out after the key words do not delete, but also can be used again.

2, the title, the content of the setting: it is best to recommend a page layout a long tail keyword, if it is very small competition and recommend the role of long tail keyword can be layout on the same page. For example, "Bucket Elevator model" and "bucket elevator principle" can not be layout on the same page, but "bucket elevator schematic" can be with the "bucket Elevator principle" layout in a page. and must be layout on the same page, if not the layout on the same page will inevitably lead to duplicate content. Two recommended words layout on the same page the advantage is to make content richer, the additional value of the page is higher.

When editing the content of the page to pay attention to the added value of the content, if others do is text then we have to have pictures, others do is the picture plus text we can add a short video. For example, to do "long tail keyword layout" This long tail word, others use the form of text display, then we can put a long tail of the keyword distribution map, so that users will be more easily understood. If other people also put the picture, at this time if we still only illustrations is plagiarism, we can choose a long tail keyword quality of a relatively high video insertion. In addition to the quality is very high is the operation steps plus screenshots show, Baidu experience inside the content is so to do. The first step is the introduction then the following is the illustration, the user is very easy to understand this step in the end is how to operate, detailed reference Baidu experience.

3, the production of the topic page: For the competition is relatively large, and the content of more than the long tail keyword in the form of internal pages to do it more difficult, then you can use the format of the theme page. Feature page can be placed in the column page can be used as a separate page inside the site, feature pages are characterized as a separate page layout, from the title to the content to be set as a separate page. Therefore the topic page title does not need to have the website name suffix, the page content must be gathers this long tail keyword most needs. For example, we need to do a Boer goat project, then the content of the topic needs to include Boer Goat pictures, Boer goat price, Boer goat video, Boer goat breeding technology. These requirements can be through the Baidu Drop-down box and related search analysis to find, demand mining after the page layout according to the importance of the requirements according to the F-type navigation rules layout.

4, the promotion: important and competitive long tail keyword topics on the home page or column pages, the internal page using matching within the chain layout to do within the chain of recommendations. For those who compete second only to the main words of the long tail keyword also need to do outside the chain of promotion, in the 1th eliminated the meaning of the other long tail words, this some long tail word can do in the station long tail word promotion link. Site of the special page can also be outside the station to do links to other sites to recommend.

Summary: In-station long tail keyword layout Most important is the content of the page editing and the setting of the chain, content without additional value will not be able to stay users, the general inner page long tail words only need to match the recommended within the chain.

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