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Forums and sites are different places, site updates generally require webmaster hands-on, and the forum in the gathering a certain popularity can form a virtuous circle, that is, the higher the popularity of content, the more the content more popular, so the most important forum is popular, want to create a high popularity of the forum, Attention to detail and go to the road of normalization is the kingly way, because since there is a virtuous circle naturally there is a vicious cycle, a forum can not gather popularity of the profit space is very limited. Today we are mainly talking about how to keep the users who first came to our forum from the details, so that it can become our loyal users, this is the focus of the forum operation, difficult, it is known that only a certain degree of loyalty to the user can bring us profits, whereas those "flash-away" Users of the forum is not meaningful. We can see the A5 forum divided into a few chunks, popular are very hot, no doubt they are through the forum level, activities and other details to attract netizens, below we learn how to use it.

I. Making good use of the forum hierarchy

On the level, permissions and so on reasonable settings, this is the current forum to enhance the user experience more common way, and such a way can also solve the forum webmaster must face another big problem-hair ads stickers. But some forums are more extreme, in the forum has not reached a certain system name when the invitation code mechanism, that can retain the target users and filter out some of the ads and worthless users, but this will still produce a large "side effects", in the actual situation will often prevent many users to register, Aren't we just messing with ourselves? The correct approach is to establish a reasonable forum user hierarchy, reasonable distribution of the user's forum permissions, so that not only can avoid the emergence of spam information can also enhance the user experience, and let users in the process of the forum gradually have more and deeper understanding. For example, A5 hot forum to make full use of the registration system, with the registration of the webmaster to divide the authority, it is this method contributed to the admin5 of the hot.

Two. Engaging users with "activities"

Rewarded must have users, we can find all kinds of reasons in a certain period of time selected in the Forum to organize users to do a prize-winning activities, set some awards, can instantly enhance the user's enthusiasm for participation, increase the cohesion of the user, it is worth mentioning is that activities do not do it, to engage in the money, the so-called " Reluctant to bear the child is not a wolf ", if the setting of the award is too low, is not attractive to users, and as a webmaster in addition to the setting of the award, we should also be specific to the activities of the rules of customization, let the activities orderly development. Every Thursday afternoon in Admin5 will hold a version of chat activities, the effect is good.

Three. Forum SEO: Open pseudo static

Now SEO in a more unified saying is "Static page is better than dynamic page", we think that search engines prefer static pages, but I think the static page now in the ranking of the role of competition has been smaller, and its main advantage is to include the number of advantages, that is, search engines more like to include static pages, In the past, most of the forum procedures are used to generate dynamic pages of the way, and later found that the volume has a greater impact, so in order to be able to more adapt to the search engine preferences, now we have a large number of forum programs have the relevant pseudo static function.

These are some of the more important and noteworthy details that I've summed up in many years of forum operations, of course, since it is the details that is basically anytime, but the principle of these details is only one, to enhance the forum affinity and user experience, to provide users with the things, to do "people-oriented", As long as do these points to the test of time, to create a high popularity of the forum is a cinch! This article comes from the www.jxxsjled.cn weight loss drug list, reproduced please reserve, thank you.

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