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The model is huge, the utilization rate is very low, the deployment cycle is long, the operation dimension is difficult, and the construction of the cloud through IT support can effectively evade and solve the above problems. As the pioneer of the carrier's IT assets cloud, Zhang Tongji details the latest progress and evolution path of China Mobile in this field.

From the current situation of China Mobile's cloud practice, it mainly consists of three blocks of work: first, we should do the virtual resource pool, realize the unity management of Saas/paas/iaas three dimensions, and secondly, introduce virtual desktops to transfer more capabilities to the network; In view of the closed and high cost problems of traditional minicomputer, China Mobile has also carried out some beneficial practices in distributed computing and large data storage.

And just completed the China Telecom cloud computing in Inner Mongolia Information Park, is currently Asia's largest cloud computing data center. China Telecom since 2009 to promote the in-depth development of cloud computing, in the past two years has been a number of directional it, IDC Cloud Computing Technology field test, computing virtualization, storage virtualization, virtual desktop and other technologies in the enterprise internal it, Office desktop and other fields have been applied in scale.

China Unicom in the field of cloud computing efforts to develop applications, the first launch of the cloud Computing Platform Wocloud 1.0 version, and at the end of 2012, the introduction of cloud computing Integrated management Platform Wocloud 2.0 version.

It is reported that China Unicom will again be updated in September this year, the introduction of Intelligent cloud computing Integrated management Platform Wocloud 3.0 version, will provide a more extensive integration of external services and component capabilities, optimize the operation and development environment, fully support IT support, system, business application platform sharing, open intelligent service capabilities.

Opportunities and challenges

The advent of cloud computing represents a huge opportunity for operators: long-term operators to create brand and user trust, will enable operators in the era of cloud computing has a unique advantage; In addition, the long-term accumulation of resources, including the huge network, IDC, operating support systems and other infrastructure, so that operators have a first-run advantage.

周震刚, a research manager at IDC's China Enterprise-level system and software Research Department, believes that telecommunication services can also be counted as cloud services in a broad sense. At present, many of the running telecom value-added services, in fact, fully comply with the definition of cloud services. So we can say that cloud computing is essentially a telecom value-added service that is represented by IT equipment, systems, or software. IDC predicts that in the near future, cloud computing will become a rapid growth point for telecom operators in value-added services.

However, 周震刚 also said that telecom operators in the cloud computing market face many challenges, such as user awareness, security and other issues. In addition, as the cloud computing market has just started, the current investment in public cloud computing services is not getting immediate revenue. This is also a big problem for telecom operators with higher profitability requirements.

In addition, some insiders believe that cloud computing is also facing the challenges of broadband difficult to break, because once the cloud is established, broadband is a must to solve the problem, must be all optical network. In fact, the broadband services provided by several major telecom operators in China still have a big gap with the developed countries. The lack of broadband Internet access hinders the use of public and private clouds. China lacks a broadband network that can support cloud computing across the country.

Globally, the first step in cloud computing is not telecoms operators, but internet companies. Zhu Qiliang Zhu Qiliang, a professor at Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, for example, said that the best of them, such as Google, Amazon mainly provide IaaS services. In addition, it companies, such as Microsoft and IBM, mainly provide PAAs services. Software companies such as Oracle mainly provide IAAS and PAAs services. Terminal vendors, such as Apple, focus on providing IaaS and PAAs services. Telecommunications equipment manufacturers, such as Cisco, have focused on PAAs services. At present, these enterprises have entered or prepared to enter the Chinese cloud computing market.

In the face of China's cloud computing market is eyeing the foreign giants of the background, China's cloud computing industry needs to be led by the Chinese enterprises themselves, computing resources are similar to the basic resources of hydropower, and at the national level, the control of basic resources has been adhering to the principle of autonomy, I believe the country will also provide a lot of help for telecom operators to develop cloud computing industry. In this historic opportunity, telecom operators should break through the difficult problems, grasp the opportunity, and also formulate a good policy, scientific development, avoid overheating investment, waste of resources and other phenomena.

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