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Speaking of English website optimization, everyone ken can quickly think of Google, after all, Google is the boss of English search Ah! So the English website is optimized for Google optimization. Here are three points from the following to talk about how to optimize English website.

1, the choice of domain name

If you are doing English station, directly using the domain name contains keywords to help search engine rankings, such as you want to optimize the keyword SEO, if your domain name selected seo.com or seoxx.com, so soon you can get good rankings. I do in English keyword optimization, will be specifically selected domain name with keywords. If you are a Chinese station, then you can now consider the full spelling of the domain name, because the major search engines can be very good recognition of pinyin. It's also good for your rankings.

2, file name

FileName is the name of the file, a reasonable name for SEO optimization has a great help, English website name to use the keyword, and each word to use the middle line "-" separate, this is important, do not use the horizontal line.

3, the weight of the URL

Class two domain name than column page has advantages, a column than the two column has advantages, two columns than the three-level column has advantages. We need to be aware of this when planning URLs. But the level of the directory not too deep, at least not more than 3 layers, because your level deeper, the lower the weight, we can look at Sina, its news although many, but the level is not more than 3 levels.

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