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Website optimization now is not what mysterious things, a lot of webmaster also gradually from a large number of hair outside the chain turned to do high-quality original content, but how to write good content, how to write content more convenient for users to read, so that users more convenient to find their own content, And this month God little fat here to give you some ideas, hope more webmaster can be inspired.

Content of the vertical thinking writing application.

is to make the content of fine, comprehensive, so that users without any doubts. Vertical thinking would like to do a site like to do fine, and the content is like this, for example, we want to write a car rental article, at this time, we need to consider the user in the rental car what documents, may like the model of the car, brand, color, these are very easy to think of, are to write clearly, Make the user convenient at a glance.

So, is there no train of thought besides these?

Since it is a car rental, the cost will certainly be different, so be sure to the cost according to the model, the brand will lease price detailed to the customer List a table, so that customers through this form to find their own rental car. This is the vertical expansion.

Another example, such as to write a straight drinking machine article, only to write to the direct drinking machine how good, but after reading this article, the user's query can not be all resolved, may be the user of the water dispenser after the problem, the price of drinking fountains, water dispenser configuration, water dispenser distribution, the color of drinking fountains, water dispensers and other aspects of the power consumption, At this time, must be the idea to open up, the user can encounter problems, are listed, let the user through the relevant recommendations and related articles, to understand the water dispenser, so as to complete the purchase order.

In addition, vertical thinking in the station optimization is equally needed.

Optimization of the main keyword outside, must pass the vertical train of thought, will the user may search the keyword as far as possible the list, and will these keywords reasonable layout, through the index is good, searches the correlation number or so, carries on the reasonable layout optimization, lets the user browse more conveniently, lets the traffic also obtain the effective promotion.

In short, vertical thinking in the optimization, especially for our webmaster, must have, must be the idea to let go, so as to do better, my small station to make a case for the new car rental Beijing www.bjysdk.net hope to help you learn more from the negative example, Also is to let the new person to make a little mistake later, welcome everybody reprint, but hope can bring last month God small fat of copyright, thank you.

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