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Some time ago in QQ to know a friend, friend is just contact SEO, but his working age than I am most. In the process of our mutual communication, there is one thing that I feel very deeply. Remember at the beginning every time he will talk to me about his boss, but also often said the advantages of the boss, the following is a screenshot of our QQ chat (not convenient to publish his name, so erased), although only a part, but I think these words are very representative:


He kept telling me that his boss was a very attractive person, he admired his boss and was going to follow his boss. He doesn't want to leave because he thinks he has learned a lot from his boss and will learn more. After all the introductions he had to his boss, I slowly in the mind to draw a very charismatic boss image, that such a boss is worth following, and sometimes feel able to work under such a boss is a blessing, but also to colleagues around the boss. Later, carefully think I just know that I was in the "Word-of-mouth marketing" poison, but this time he promoted his boss.

After this incident I found that there are many examples of word-of-mouth marketing, but did not notice before. Especially the big website Word-of-mouth marketing is done quite well, take webmaster nets, A5 and Chinaz in good at writing articles to promote the webmaster and like to the two station to see the article webmaster has a good reputation.

Then we webmaster can also optimize the site when to do Word-of-mouth marketing it? I think it is entirely feasible, I think to use Word-of-mouth Marketing to promote our site is the most important to understand the following 3 questions.

1. What is Word-of-mouth marketing?

To use Word-of-mouth marketing to promote their own website, of course, the first is to find out what Word-of-mouth marketing is, otherwise the follow-up work will not be launched.

Word-of-mouth Marketing in Baidu Encyclopedia is this explanation: Enterprises in the investigation of market demand, to provide consumers with the needs of products and services, while formulating a certain Word-of-mouth promotion program, so that consumers automatically disseminate the company's products and services of good evaluation, so that people through word-of-mouth understanding of products, brand building, strengthen market awareness, The end of the enterprise to sell products and provide services.

The explanation is so complicated that it is one thing: let others automatically spread some of their good aspects and then bring benefits to themselves.

2, Word-of-mouth marketing for us to optimize the site what is the benefit?

As we all know, the optimization of the site is often very tired, many times are thankless. But through Word-of-mouth marketing can be a good solution to this dilemma, in the optimization of the site will be able to do more than twice. Like many shopping websites now, I think it is very necessary to use Word-of-mouth marketing approach to help optimize the site, for example, I heard that many group buying sites are dependent on the return of customers or customers introduced by the friends raised.

Specifically, Word-of-mouth marketing for us to optimize the site for the benefits of the following two points:

First, greatly reduce the cost of optimization. Word of mouth marketing is the cheapest way to sell and basically does not need to spend money. But must have a premise is your website provides the service or the product to be very good, must have the very strong user experience, must let the customer involuntarily spread for you. I do not remember how many webmasters I recommend A5 and Chinaz these two webmaster nets.

Second, greatly saving the time of optimization. Often improve the ranking of a website, have a good reputation than efforts to optimize the faster, so save a lot of optimization time.

For example, Zac SEO daily a posted blog, is really in the past two years through the daily posting slowly accumulated a good reputation, and then has been the male bully Baidu SEO home location. Remember the previous period of time in Baidu search "SEO", his blog even more than the seowhy. It can be seen that his reputation has brought him the benefits of unlimited.

3, how to promote their own web site through Word-of-mouth marketing?

The previous mention of Word-of-mouth marketing is to let others automatically spread their own some good aspects, and then bring their own benefits. Then we through Word-of-mouth marketing to promote their own site to do 3: Build Word-of-mouth, encourage the spread, to obtain returns.

A. Build A reputation. A site to have a good reputation first to establish a good image of themselves, to make their own site is worth spreading, no one will be willing to pass something worthless to others. Good image includes a good site title, the title as far as possible to show their own characteristics, but also have a beautiful web page production, to have good products or high-quality services. When the site's information or experience is easy to talk about, and the site can naturally enter people's gossip, such a site is a valuable, and has a very good reputation of the site.

B. Agitation for dissemination. Any person contact with a good thing will subconsciously want to spread to others, let others also experience with their own happiness and enjoyment. So in doing Word-of-mouth marketing website can be used to encourage the spread of the way, after the user has a good experience on your site, give him a suggestion to share with friends, for example, now many sites have to share the reprint function, or RSS subscriptions, these are used to encourage others to spread the good way.

C. Get a return. The payoff here is not that the site returns, but that the site returns to the user. Users experience your site, to help you spread the site Word-of-mouth, you should certainly get some return. And this is a good way to attract new users, such a step-by-step spread of Word-of-mouth marketing is worth our webmaster use to promote the site.

Well, about optimizing the site we also have to pay attention to word-of-mouth marketing some ideas I introduced here, we feel good words, or that sentence: a lot of support! Oh, there are friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:578785411

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