Optimizing credit structure and pushing economic structure adjustment

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Reporter Chaoxiaojian Report: In the implementation of the national macro-control policy and the CBRC credit supervision requirements, the Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau attaches great importance to play the role of regulatory leadership, guide the banking institutions within its management model and optimize the credit structure, pay attention to "protect" and "pressure" structure and rhythm,  We should actively support and promote the transformation of the mode of economic development by speeding up the restructuring of credit structure and the transformation of business model. To "excellent" mainly to guide the banking institutions within its jurisdiction to actively support the national major projects, High-tech transformation and other real economic development.  Beijing Bank Supervision Bureau guides its banking institutions to earnestly implement macro-control policies, increase the construction of key projects in the country and Beijing, ensure the capital demand of the projects under construction and continuation, increase credit support to the real economy and people's livelihood projects, and further optimize the credit structure. Take "safeguard" as the main, guide the banking institutions within its jurisdiction to ensure the credit support to SMEs and the weak areas such as "three agriculture".  In order to ensure the development of agricultural loan and small enterprise loan increment and growth rate of "two no less than", the CBRC will guide the banking institutions in the bank to fully implement the supervision requirements of the CBRC. Take "help" as the main, guide the banking institutions within its jurisdiction to increase the support for the construction of Zhongguancun National independent Innovation demonstration area. To guide the banking institutions to strengthen financial support to key areas of High-tech backbone enterprises, such as science and technology, small and medium sized enterprises, and to increase investment in the construction of Science and Technology financial Service system and the innovation and development of scientific and technological financial products.  Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau to adjust the access policy in due course, to implement the "green channel" examination and approval system for the new technology-oriented SME service franchisees or sub-branches in the demonstration area, improve the approval efficiency of the bank's establishment and opening, and promote the pilot work of the franchised institutions or branches of the banks in the demonstration area or rebuilt into the service of the science and technology SMEs. To "promote" the main, guide the banking institutions within its jurisdiction to help push green credit and energy conservation, to support the low carbon economy industry guidance effect. To urge the banking institutions within its jurisdiction to play a credit lever to build a green credit mechanism to support the development of a low-carbon economy.  Efforts to explore the construction of Low-carbon financial Services mechanism, under the premise of controllable risk, to meet the national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of enterprises and projects in accordance with the "green credit" principle to increase support. Take "pressure" as the main, guide the banking organization in its jurisdiction strict credit restraint mechanism.  The Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau strictly controls the loan of "two senior-funded" industry loans, the new project on the other hand, and the loans of overcapacity industry. Through the above measures, Beijing banking financial institutions in the optimization of credit structure, while helping to push the development of local economy.
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