Optimizing practitioners ' knowledge of SEO optimization don't be blind to reality

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As we all know, website optimization is a very strong practical work, because SEO optimization many times in addition to their own solid optimization skills, for the search engine constantly changing algorithm is to be timely attention and understanding, which is the SEO optimization of the instability factor is too strong, In this case for a professional optimizer I think we in the process of optimizing the site should not blindly and to the actual, such as some old knowledge, outdated theory to be in time to avoid, well, the details of the author divided into four points and everyone to share.

First, for some tutorials or books on the knowledge should not blindly learn to be screened. SEO industry now a variety of books, as long as there are many books on the market is a few years ago, we can not deny the value of books, although the knowledge is the most basic knowledge, is the basic skills, but after all, search engine algorithm is changing every day, Some knowledge, if not treated blindly, will certainly affect the process of optimization, and even have a negative impact on website optimization. For example, many times before the site rankings as long as there are enough outside the chain can be, but now you still insist on the idea of the outside chain for the Emperor I think you have been outdated, now for Baidu, the user experience is more than everything, the market a lot of paper books available, Baidu Green Luo algorithm, Mars plan has not released, This time if you do not go to find, to innovate, to practice, but blindly apply many of the previous methods, you say your operation on the site rankings can be how much positive effect.

Second, do not have hair links. The value of the chain to the site is of course beyond doubt, and all we have to do is constantly looking for the site quality outside the chain, of course, this process is very difficult, and sometimes can even use the pain to metaphor. It is undeniable that many stationmaster's development ability and crack ability is very strong, one after another mass of software, such as blog message Mass, forum Mass, blog comments, and so on, a large number of mass tools to make Baidu search engine for outside the chain to determine the importance of ranking to review, 3013 Baidu sure enough , introduced the green Luo algorithm, a serious blow to what illegal to get outside the chain of the machine operation behavior, make those mass all turned into a garbage link, this time many do station group with mass webmaster had to face the site rankings and weight back before the fact, the current Baidu for outside the chain of requirements is quality greater than everything, Even if not send a chain, also firmly can not release any garbage outside the chain.

Third, it is the core of the novice not to know the knowledge. For example, the rise of Taobao last year, many novice sites will not be established, blog building is like climbing, but a lot of people look at others do Taobao customers earn a lot of money, do not join in the enthusiasm of many of the rise of Amoy training institutions, to the present, look to really do Taobao customers earn money and how many people? For beginners, after a website online, optimization is definitely a novice has to face the problem. One months and two months passed, how much thought was spent on it, results have no effect, the main reason is still strength, other people can make money in addition to technical strength is most of the team operation, now we calm down to think, as a novice you did not optimize the experience, did not optimize the resources, how you and other those optimization of the veteran than, Many times than the ranking is the technology, compared to the resources, how do these themselves have it?

Finally, SEO should be combined with other promotional methods to operate. Seo this thing, we all know to start easy, but the real hands-on is not very difficult. I think no one dares to say that he has learned all the SEO, because the search engine algorithm itself is a constantly changing process, SEO needs to be their own research, such as the establishment of their own website, the operation of their own operations in the process you will find those ways can not use those theories are wrong which is scientific and so on. To optimize the experience shared by veteran we have to be divided into two of the view must not be superstitious to their claims, if they do not discriminate is just silly research, then you are destined to be a will always be with someone else behind the buttocks running people.

Finally, the author summed up, Web site optimization is a dynamic process of change, may now some of the optimization methods experienced after the experiment that there is no meaning, but as a novice lazy practice to see the theory directly copy you think that really valuable things others will easily share it? All we have to do is to show the way to others. In practice, we should analyze whether this road is smooth or puddle, and not blindly obey, blindly accept, only for the existing knowledge on the basis of learning, use the case to check, in order to better form our own optimization ideas, Finally become our valuable experience, good more than the article from, Lan Tanyu bracelet http://www.029lty.com original A5, reproduced please indicate the author copyright information, thank you for your cooperation.

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