Optimizing the site requires gradual and continuous endurance

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We use SEO to optimize the site when most of the same as I am full of good expectations, but this expectation is often turned into disappointment. I just contact this industry, thought that doing SEO is very simple, is to write articles published outside the chain. So I follow this method to do, the results of one months or so is the Niang to punish, the reason is how to do? The following by as SEO rookie I talk about why optimizing the site needs to be gradual, continuous increase endurance.

We all know that search engines are in favor of new stations, for new stations will be given a certain bonus points. In the optimization of the early new stations have a good ranking. So how do we do that? I personally think that optimization is a long-term process, need to step by step, not too hasty.

Optimization of the site needs to be gradual:

1. At the beginning of the construction station:

The first thing we have to do is not to submit Baidu, but to improve the content of the site. Wait until a certain perfect after the submission of Baidu. This will increase the viscosity of the spider.

2. Outside the chain of release:

One months before the establishment of the station I personally suggest not to send too many outside the chain, we can "content metaphor into internal strength, outside the chain analogy into a move." "As a new station the content certainly is not perfect. If too much publishing outside the chain will be the search engine is considered cheating behavior. To practise martial arts without a good foundation is certainly the same thing.

I personally suggest that the new station before a two best not to release the chain, if the home has not been included, then you can appropriately go to some of the high weight of the site, the forum to attract some spiders properly.

3. Content fill:

People who do SEO know that content filling is the most important part. So how do you fill the content? The first thing to ensure is the quality of the content, to be readable, at least you must understand. The second is the original of the article, can write original as far as possible original, but the premise is not to harm the user experience of the situation to write original.

As a false original, there are many people will say that false original is outdated, in fact, for those who casually modified false original affirmation has become obsolete. I mean those meticulously crafted artifacts, titles and content are grouped together. Such an article not only has a good user experience, and the article is carefully collated, then the search engine will think that this is an original article. will be included.

Appropriate reprint some of the quality of the article on the site optimization is good, you can improve the user experience. Baidu has been encouraged to share.

Content to fill the frequency to continue, if you update 5 articles today, tomorrow is 4, and then go on only one. Such websites are very disliked by search engines. Search engines particularly like diligent web sites, or the number of the same every day, or continue to increase, so that the search engine will think that the site has vitality.

Ii. Persistence and Endurance:

Not only do SEO, do any thing is to be sustained, to have endurance, and do SEO is a struggle for endurance. Why do you say that? Because SEO in the early stage is not see the benefits, a lot of business owners because see the upfront income to choose the bidding. As SEO personnel are also the same, there is no sustained persistence, lack of endurance after a period of time to choose to give up.

SEO currently no one dares to say is controllable, can only estimate an expectation. Know that search engines are also constantly updating algorithms. So what we have to do is continue to do a good job of site optimization. Display the best quality page to the user. Plus a bit of endurance, then one day you will unknowingly find that the optimized site has a good ranking.

Summary: We do SEO is not for ranking and optimization, not for search engine optimization, we are for the user and optimization. We want to do the user is responsible for the page, this is the future of SEO direction, the future SEO does not need any technology, as long as the right content to bring the right users, there will be a good ranking. And SEO to do is to tap the user needs, in the user to find breakthroughs.

The above is SEO little rookie to share my personal little SEO experience, there are a lot of understanding the wrong place please all prawns a lot of advice. As a love of SEO I am very willing to work with you to learn and exchange, we would like to grow together. Article from Guangdong Seohttp://www.szzxgd.com/516.html, reproduced please respect the copyright, thank you for your cooperation!

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