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Over the past few years, with the transactional IT to interactive IT transition, corporate data began to show an explosive growth. Due to the rise of social media, the massive applications of digital sensors and the popularization of mobile devices have directly led to the rapid emergence of various large amounts of big data. This kind of multi-structured data market value is not high, but the huge amount of data contains a hidden huge wealth. Thus, how to effectively manage big data has become a topic of concern to the industry.

According to the 2011 Unisphere Research survey, the next three years unstructured enterprise data will continue to grow rapidly, with hidden customer behavior and business operations and other important information, but also will have a significant impact on the company's future business development. Coincidentally, McKinsey Global Research also said in Big Data-The Next Frontier for Innovation, competition and productivity, in May 2011 that making the most of big data Can help global personal location service providers increase their income by 100 billion U.S. dollars and help public administrations in Europe to increase their output value by 250 billion U.S. dollars every year. This will help the U.S. healthcare industry to increase its output value by 300 billion U.S. dollars each year and help the U.S. retail industry to obtain over 60% Net profit growth. Therefore, full use of big data and mining big data business value will bring strong competitiveness for enterprises, but in the enterprise data warehouse and enterprise intelligence applications, these big data has not been fully and effectively utilized, but to the enterprise with A huge challenge came. For example, how to get real-time unstructured data streams; how to organize big data and integrate it into the data center; what skills and tools to use to analyze big data and provide real-time sharing for better and more comprehensive business decisions.

Oracle vice president and general manager of Greater China Yu Sicheng

With the introduction of Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle became the first company in the industry to meet the critical mass data needs of the enterprise with a complete, integrated hardware and software portfolio. It helps customers maximize the business value of data by further improving efficiency, simplifying management and understanding the inherent nature of data. At Oracle Big Data and Ultimate Analytics Media Exchange, Yu Si-cheng, vice president and general manager of Greater China at Oracle, said: "Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Exalogic Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Servers together make up Oracle's broadest and highly-integrated portfolio of systems, providing enterprises with an end-to-end big data solution that meets every single business's need for big data governance. "Specifically designed for big data needs, integration System Oracle Big Data Appliance is an integrated design system designed to simplify the implementation and management of big data projects. With a full rack-mount configuration of 18 Oracle Sun servers, the modem has a total of 864 GB of main memory, 216 cores of CPU, 648 TB of raw disk storage and 40 Gb / s between the nodes and other Oracle integrated systems InfiniBand network connectivity and 10 Gb / s Ethernet data center connectivity with multiple racks connected via InfiniBand network for scale-up and expansion, enabling them to acquire, organize, and analyze super-massive amounts of data. Oracle Big Data Appliance integrates with Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Cloudera Manager software and is fast and easy to integrate with Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server, Application performance, availability, supportability and security, providing extremely high data analytics across all data types. Leading Technology for Big Data Application Challenges Oracle NoSQL Databases: To capture all of your big data quickly and in real time, organizations need to handle large amounts of data and low-density information that require frequent application changes and must be scaled horizontally to meet rapid expansion Deployment plan. A distributed, highly scalable database that delivers critical value, Oracle NoSQL Database has been specifically designed to manage massive amounts of data, enabling businesses to access unstructured data and scaling horizontally to hundreds of highly available nodes. At the same time, the product delivers predictable throughput and latency while being easier to install, configure and manage, supporting a wide range of workloads. Analyze Sandboxes: At the moment, the challenges companies face include having existing Oracle data warehouses, analyzing big data, disallowing negative impact on data warehouse SLAs, and more. By analyzing sandboxes, businesses have access to analytic workspaces that control access to resources and data without affecting the production system at all. It also integrates sandboxing capabilities with secure, scalable, and easy-to-install Oracle Enterprise Manager to help organizations efficiently utilize servers for self-management via paid subscriptions. Systems for Hadoop Architecture: Big Data Organizations and Extraction Challenges include translating big data into easy-to-analyze content, avoiding the need to write large amounts of Hadoop code and fast data loading into Oracle data warehouses, and the open source Apache Hadoop in Oracle Big Data Appliance , Oracle Data Integration Hadoop Application Adapters, Oracle Hadoop Loaders, and Oracle Direct Connector to help organizations fully meet these challenges. Oracle Data Integration Hadoop Application Adapters automatically generate Hadoop MapReduce code through the easy-to-use interface of the Oracle Data Integrator, simplifying data integration with Hadoop applications and Oracle databases. The Oracle Hadoop Loader enables customers to leverage Hadoop MapReduce processing capabilities to create optimized data sets for efficient loading and analysis in Oracle Database 11g. Oracle Direct Connector provides direct access to data on the Hadoop distributed file system from the Oracle database through the SQL language. R language: When analyzing big data, companies need access to all the data and use the R language for statistical analysis, but analysis on laptops is slow and insecure. Oracle R Enterprise from Oracle Enables Integration of R Open Source Statistical Environment with Oracle Database 11g, with Analysts and Statisticians Running Existing R Applications and Using R Clients to Process Data Stored in Oracle Database 11g Directly The earth improves scalability, performance and security. The integration of Oracle Database 11g with the R open source statistical environment provides an enterprise-ready, deeply integrated environment for further data analysis. Accelerate decision making to maximize the business value of Big Data Fast access to Oracle Big Data Appliance and organization of Big Data also require the business to make the most appropriate business decisions based on a full real-time analysis of big data. As the industry's first integrated memory hardware and software system, the Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server runs data analytics applications faster than ever before, providing customers with real-time, fast visual analytics. Oracle Exalytics enables a new analytics application for heterogeneous IT environments and to access and analyze data from any Oracle, non-Oracle, relational, OLAP, or unstructured data source. With both hardware and software innovations, the Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server delivers extreme data analytics performance with sub-second performance for rapid data analysis, modeling, planning, predictive and predictive analytics while enabling businesses Planning applications can scale faster and more accurately across the enterprise, helping organizations accelerate business decisions and maximize the business value of big data. Yu Si Cheng concluded: "With the overall design, test, deployment, management and upgrade support, Oracle Big Data products can be innovatively integrated with other products across all levels of IT infrastructure to further enable customers to achieve superior data capture, organization and analytics Performance while delivering better business decisions for greater reliability, scalability, security and manageability.Oracle Big Data Solutions is the ideal for tomorrow's business to build cloud computing infrastructures and address the challenges of big data select."

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