Oracle Database Security Policy and implementation method (1)

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Database security issues have been the nightmare of database administrators, the loss of database data and the intrusion of databases by illegal users make the database administrator physically and mentally exhausted. With the rapid development of computer technology, the application of database is very extensive, in-depth to various fields, but with the resulting data security problems. The security of large amount of data in the database of various application systems, the problem of stealing and tamper-proof of sensitive data are paid more and more attention by people. The database system as the information gathers the collective, is the computer Information System core component, its security is vital, relates to the enterprise rise and fall, the national security. Therefore, how to effectively guarantee the security of database system, the confidentiality, integrity and effectiveness of data, has become a topic of concern today. Oracle's chairman, Ellison, spoke at the Oracle OpenWorld conference that the key to securing a database is encryption. He also believes that we need to encrypt not only data that is sent to the Internet database but also data that is transferred from the hard drive to the back-end system. He also recommends that businesses prevent users from implementing data backups without encrypting them. "Because if you don't have an encrypted backup CD or DVD disc lost, you lose information." "The security of the database system is largely dependent on the database management system." If the security mechanism of database management system is very strong, the security of database system is better. The current market is the relational database management system, its security function is very weak, which leads to the security of the database system has a certain threat. Therefore, the database administrator should consider the security of the database from the following aspects. One: User role management This is one of the important means to protect database system security. By establishing different user groups and user password authentication, it can effectively prevent illegal Oracle users from entering the database system, causing unnecessary trouble and damage. Additionally, in Oracle databases, you can restrict the operations of Oracle users by authorizing This allows some users to access the Oracle server, which means that they have read and write rights to the entire database, while most users can read or write only within the same group or have read-only rights to the entire database. In this context, special emphasis is placed on the management of the two special accounts of SYS and system. To secure your Oracle database server, you should ensure that all content under the $oracle_home/bin directory is owned by Oracle users. To enhance the security of the database in the network, for remote users, you should use encryption to access the database through passwords, and strengthen DBA authority control on the network, such as denying remote DBA access. 1 2 3 next page >> content navigation to force (0 votes) (0 Votes) nonsense (0 Votes) Professional (0 Votes) The title party (0 Votes) passing (0 Votes) The original text: Oracle database Security Policy and implementation method (1) Return to network security home
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