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Oracle officially announced the Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud Server in Monday, and experts say the process of converting memory technology into commercial it is accelerating.

Exalytics is not the first memory analysis device in the industry, and Hana, previously released by SAP, has also left a deep impression on the industry that memory technology can provide dozens of times times the performance boost compared to traditional standard databases. Oracle exalytics Business Intelligence Cloud Server is a hardware and software integration product that uses the Sun Fire server to run Oracle's TimesTen memory database, Oracle Essbase, and BI base suite. It contains 1TB of DRAM memory and a core of 40 Intel Xeon processors.

Memory processing technology has been widely used in the real time analysis of stock exchange market, with the decrease of equipment cost and the growth of enterprise demand, its role in business intelligence has been greatly expanded. According to independent analyst Jon Reed, Memory technology will soon be widely available within the enterprise.

"I think memory analytics will become an essential technology for businesses, just like the popularity of home broadband internet," says Reed: "It is certain that more users will be involved in the field of memory technology in the near future."

However, to use Exalytics, the end user should also increase the budget accordingly. According to Oracle's integrated system price list, Exalytics hardware is priced at $135,000, and operating system support costs about 30,000 dollars. In addition, users will need to purchase licenses for the TimesTen memory database at $350 per user or $42,000 per processor. Using TimesTen, you must also purchase the Oracle BI Base software suite, which is priced at 4500 USD per user or 550,000 USD per processor. This is only the official price, the customer is in Oracle sales negotiations often get a certain discount.

Reed believes that there are not many new features in such an integration device, whether Oracle Exalytics or SAP HANA, he said: "While I don't want to say that they are consolidating existing bi tools, this is exactly what two companies do." In fact, both Oracle and SAP do not add any fresh analysis functionality to the product. "

However, there is no denying the fact that many end users are not able to build their own set of memory business analysis architecture, so the hardware and software integration vendors do not have to worry about market demand issues. As Paul Rodwick, vice President of Oracle BI, says, Exalytics has Plug and Play features.

  In addition, Rodwick says, typical Oracle Exalytics customers can be divided into three types: real-time BI users, Oracle application software users who want a better user experience, and Oracle Hyperion Financial software users looking for better performance.

Infostructure Associates analyst Wayne Kernochan said he thought the memory database would not replace traditional databases such as Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server in the near future, but the penetration rate would increase. "The value of the memory database is that it optimizes our queries for memory and hard disk storage," he said. This is important when we step into the new database technology domain, and those who already use memory technology will have a greater competitive advantage. The

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