Oracle launches 11g Enterprise gateway to improve SOA and cloud environment management

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Oracle's Oracle Enterprise Gateway (Oracle Enterprise Gateway) is now being announced, and the company will secure XML, Web services, and other types of data using the Oracle Enterprise Gateway in a simple, easy-to-use way , while speeding up, integrating data, and selecting the path to send data helps organizations secure the service-oriented architecture (SOA) in the client, Cross-domain boundaries, or cloud environment. SOA customers are not providing enhanced security performance, simplifying their compliance through validation, authorization, and auditing capabilities, and further reducing the complexity of IT management. to significantly reduce it consolidation costs and deployment risks

Today, Oracle Enterprise gateways have been certified through Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, and out-of-the-box integration with other Oracle Fusion middleware 11g products, including Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Oracle SOA governance, Oracle Identity Management 11g and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

With the introduction of Oracle Enterprise Gateway, Oracle has strengthened its industry's most comprehensive, outstanding two product suite Oracle SOA Suite 11g and Oracle Identity Management Suite 11g, thereby further consolidating Oracle's SOA, SOA governance and the leading position in the identity and access management market.

New functions of Oracle Enterprise Gateway bring service-oriented security to data center at present

New features of Oracle Enterprise gateways include demilitarized zone (DMZ)-level security for SOA and cloud environments: providing DMZ-level security and providing a comprehensive threat-prevention system at the service edge of SOA and cloud environments, providing the critical protection needed between trusted and untrusted zones. Ultra-fast XML processing: Enables SOA and cloud applications to offload operations based on resource-intensive XML, thereby significantly improving application performance.

Open and standards-based: pluggable Third-party platforms and non-Oracle environments, such as IBM, CA, and RSA environments to help customers reduce integration costs, cost of ownership, and deployment risk. Authentication, authorization, and auditing capabilities: Reliable XML connectivity and security features protect the flow of information between heterogeneous environments, improving security and scalability. Oracle Enterprise Gateways can also execute validation, authorization, and audit rules that are defined by other identity management products on the market in a run-time manner.

SOA and cloud ready: Oracle Enterprise Gateways can be deployed in a cloud environment, or they can coordinate information flows in different data formats, such as SOAP, sest, XML, etc. to improve the efficiency of the SOA infrastructure in the client or cloud. Oracle Enterprise Gateways also manage connections to businesses, partners, and third cloud services. It allows centralized management of API keys critical to cloud service security validation, and enhances security with anti-threat protection and information redaction capabilities. In the DMZ, Oracle Enterprise gateways can also help enterprises consolidate multi-domain services across enterprise, partner, and third cloud services and apply key governance control functions to manage service access, usage, and availability.

Scalability: Through Java, XSLT, JavaScript, groovy and other technologies, Oracle Enterprise Gateway can also achieve high scalability, enabling customers to meet their specific needs to expand the rich out-of-the-box product features. "With the introduction of Oracle Enterprise Gateways, Oracle has become the only SOA and identity management vendor in the industry that can mitigate threat risks, deliver identity information, secure connection security, and implement compliance," Amit Jasuja, Oracle's vice president for Oracle Management, said. With Oracle Enterprise gateways, our customers can have greater security and flexibility when they incorporate enterprise data centers into their cloud environments. ”

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