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Oracle Global Assembly, October 2, 2012-Oracle Fusion TAP announced. The software is dedicated to the ipad's management software, refreshing the user in the mobile process can achieve the level of efficiency.

Oracle Fusion TAP can operate independently of cloud-based Enterprise management software and across Oracle management Software cloud service (Oracle Creator Cloud Services) and simply install an Apple App Store software Store).

Oracle Fusion Tap automates the personalization of each user, providing the user with the required functionality and allowing it to be used at any time. At the same time, it can provide people's long-term pursuit of key functions, even when leaving the desk, can maintain high efficiency and business operation.

Oracle Fusion Tap is designed for ipad and mobile office staff, with or without Internet access to corporate resources.

By dividing functionality into the 3 core cores of "contact", "Analysis" and "work", users can easily and directly keep in touch with the required data, complete activities, and continue other work.

Today, companies are trying to streamline their staff and improve their agility, and Oracle Fusion Tap helps users find and connect with the right people at the right time, quickly finding answers to problems, and removing obstacles faster.

Oracle Fusion Tap also enables users to securely view performance metrics that are instructive to actions, manage staff day-to-day, and automate sales teams.

Introduction to Oracle and analyst agency executives

"Companies and technology providers must recognize innovation and adapt to the constant demand for mobility," said Carter Lusher, director and chief analyst at Ovum, an enterprise application ecosystem. This is not just for the sales team, but for the entire enterprise. If mobile applications are powerful, employees can quickly establish contacts, analyze data, and complete activities anytime, anywhere, and then achieve higher business value and significantly increase productivity. Frankly speaking, mobile access is no longer ' can have ', but ' must have '. ”

"Mobile Office has become a commercial reality, Oracle Fusion Tap is a good example of how Oracle delivers mobile and cloud innovation, and fundamentally improves productivity and improves working methods," says Chris Leone, senior vice president of Oracle Management software development. With Oracle Fusion TAP, users have an integrated, easily scalable management software that allows users to use critical data or contact colleagues at any time. The

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