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From the concept of cloud computing to the real implementation of cloud computing enterprise deployment, cloud computing market as fast as the cloud. In the face of ongoing market changes and diverse cloud deployment scenarios and different service forms and usage based on user types, how to choose the best solution for the enterprise's own it and business needs, and how to find the most appropriate cloud strategy to be a serious challenge for all enterprises that have a cloud transition or cloud upgrade.

According to Ioug Researchwire's 2010 and 2011 Cloud Computing Survey, the use of private clouds and public clouds has grown strongly. In 2011, private cloud users accounted for 37%, up 28% from 2010, while public cloud users accounted for 21% and grew by as much as 50%. In addition, in the numerous cloud applications surveyed, the use of new applications is higher than that of existing applications, where internal staff use a higher proportion than external users, and PAAs is much higher than IaaS, but both for development/testing and production environments.

The Oracle Cloud strategy of Oracle, which is transforming the IT paradigm for enterprise cloud computing, provides customers with comprehensive, freely chosen cloud products and solutions. The strategy is designed to help customers build, deploy, and manage private cloud and use public cloud, mixed cloud services, provide customers with a wide range of products across SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and other service models, and drive customers to flexibly adopt cloud computing solutions that are best suited to their own development.

Among them, Oracle cloud computing solutions cover the public cloud, private cloud, mixed cloud all deployment types of solutions, support SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. In the SaaS domain, Oracle has a business application solution based on 100% open standards, including Oracle converged applications and industry applications, such as Oracle converged HCM Cloud applications, Oracle Fusion CRM cloud applications, and in PAAs, Oracle provides the world's first database, MySQL, Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Server, WebLogic Application Server, Oracle Exalogic Middleware Cloud Server, SOA and BPM, data integration and Goldengate, identity and access management, and Webcenter In the area of IaaS, Oracle delivers the best UNIX and Linux operating systems, Sun storage, various server virtualization and cluster options, SPARC and X86 servers, and more.

"Oracle Cloud Strategy will help customers develop cloud strategies and development plans that are appropriate to their needs," said Sandra Cheevers, Oracle's cloud strategy expert and senior Product director, at Oracle's 2012 cloud computing summit at the cloud strategy. It starts with consolidation, centralizes platforms and resources, lays the foundation for building private clouds, and then gradually extends from private cloud to self-service private cloud and uses public cloud services where appropriate. At the same time, the Oracle Cloud strategy can combine the private cloud and the public cloud fully and complement each other in the case of enterprise development, and play the role of mixed cloud. ”

Oracle Cloud Strategy expert and senior product director Sandra Cheevers

The first step to a private cloud-integration

Oracle offers a variety of ways to integrate: First, companies can choose to integrate multiple systems into standard, shared, and scalable PAAs, or they can be integrated into shared IaaS without standardization. The former applies to all standardized PAAs for applications, reducing heterogeneity, reducing costs, and reducing complexity, accelerating new application deployment, while the latter's software system heterogeneity, cost and complexity remain unchanged, and can save costs by reducing hardware, power consumption, and data center space.

Second, the integration of resource pooling and flexible scalability through virtualization technology includes server virtualization and clustering. Server virtualization enables a physical resource to appear as multiple physical resources, and Oracle has extensive server virtualization technology choices based on M-series, T-series, X86, and SPARC servers to achieve centralized virtualization lifecycle management. Conversely, clustering enables multiple physical resources to be used as a physical resource. Oracle also has a wide range of cluster technology choices, which can be clustered within the entire IT architecture, such as storage, servers, databases, and middleware.

Oracle software and hardware integration strategy provides innovative integrated system in server, database and middleware level. The iconic products are Oracle Exadata database cloud servers, Oracle Exlogic middleware cloud servers, Oracle SPARC Supercluster, all three with extreme performance, simple deployments, and lower total cost of ownership, It can also be used as a building block for consolidation and cloud computing. In addition, Oracle offers BEST-IN-CLASS product components and optimized tiered solutions that help organizations achieve their own consolidation or reduce risk directly through the best practice guidance of prior integration.

To create a fully managed self-service private Cloud Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (Oracle Enterprise manager 12c)

The latest Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c delivers complete lifecycle management, integrated cloud system management, and business-driven application management to ensure that the enterprise delivers cloud computing at the highest service level and at the lowest operating cost, helping it manage Oracle Cloud computing products in a holistic way, thereby achieving overall cloud control.

In the cloud lifecycle planning and setting cloud phase, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is capable of capacity and consolidation planning, as well as asset discovery, bare metal provisioning, policy settings, and so on, in building, testing, and deploying the application phase of the cloud, which can package applications as assemblies, complete application testing, And can be self-service supply; in the management and monitoring cloud phase, it manages self-service resources, monitors end users, enterprise users, and applications, and enables cloud management throughout the system; in metering, billing, optimization, it can measure resource utilization and pay, and optimize performance, capacity, and QoS.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c also provides a single vertical integrated console for the entire system, and a high degree of manageability built into each tier to fully manage Oracle Exadata database cloud servers, Oracle Exlogic middleware cloud servers, Oracle Exlytic Business Intelligence cloud servers and SPARC Supercluster T4, and delivers proactive support through my Oracle Support integration to achieve comprehensive cloud management.

Timely introduction of external cloud to meet different needs Oracle Cloud services and Oracle Public cloud

The corporate private cloud has a huge role to play, but it does not meet the needs of all times. Enterprises should timely introduce external cloud services. Oracle Cloud Services and Oracle's public cloud will be the ideal choice for the enterprise to support the development of cloud computing.

Oracle Cloud Services not only manage data centers effectively, but also apply to End-to-end managed cloud services for Oracle software and hardware, with customers paying a fixed monthly fee, deployed, tested, integrated, upgraded, monitored and maintained by Oracle, and secure. Oracle has more than 12 years of standard cloud service experience and 5.5 million satisfied end-users as well as 14,000 Oracle service specialists, and can support 27 languages, which will give customers an expectation of investment value for Oracle Cloud services.

Industry-Standard Oracle Public cloud enables customers to subscribe to self-service Oracle Fusion applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, and Oracle database products. The product is a best-of-breed and integrated suite of services, including Oracle converged customer relationship Management cloud services, Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management cloud services, Oracle social networking (Oracle Social receptacle), Oracle Java Cloud Services and Oracle Database cloud services.

Oracle Public Cloud is the only public cloud product suite in the industry that can provide customers with comprehensive business applications and technology solutions, enables customers to avoid data and business process segmentation when adopting multiple separate public cloud products, as well as delivering high-performance, high-reliability, and highly reliable, enterprise-critical applications for customers and partners A highly resilient and high-security architecture.

Oracle Cloud Computing: A full range of choices

Oracle's Oracle Cloud strategy offers customers a full range of cloud computing options, from SaaS, PAAs to IaaS, with best-of-breed private cloud offerings across the entire IT architecture and cloud lifecycle, Oracle Cloud Services and Oracle Public cloud to meet the needs of the enterprise.

In addition, in order to ensure the successful implementation of cloud deployments by customers using Oracle Cloud products, Oracle Consulting will also assist customers in planning the path to cloud computing, providing support and cloud services to customers from multiple stages of planning, standardization, consolidation, automation, and optimization.

"The leadership of Oracle Cloud Strategy and the comprehensiveness of Oracle Cloud products further confirm that we have sufficient capacity and great development potential to help our customers achieve the cloud deployment best suited to their development," said Sandra Cheevers, Oracle's cloud strategy expert and senior Product director. Oracle will use private cloud and public cloud to provide enterprises with efficient, low-cost, rapid deployment, flexible and scalable enterprise cloud services, hoping to bring comprehensive, open, integrated and standards-based Oracle Cloud products to every customer in the Chinese market. ”

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