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Oracle's Global Congress, October 3, 2012-Oracle will continue to promote innovation across Oracle converged middleware (Oracle Fusion Middleware) product suite to further enhance the industry's leading business innovation platform for enterprise and cloud environments.

With more than 2,000 customer-driven innovations delivered over the past 12 months, Oracle continues to enhance Oracle Fusion middleware components, including Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle WebLogic Application Server Oracle WebLogic Server), Oracle Webcenter, Oracle Business Intelligence (Oracle Business FDI), Oracle Identity Management (Oracle Identity Management) and Oracle Data Integration (Oracle integration).

By delivering best-of-breed products across each product line, Oracle Fusion Middleware is the only middleware that delivers a comprehensive, open, and integrated infrastructure for social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

125,000 of customers from all walks of life are using Oracle Fusion Middleware to maximize the benefits of processes and applications to drive their business growth and lay a solid foundation for future business innovation.

10,000 of partners from around the world have built and deployed innovative solutions using Oracle converged middleware to reduce costs and complexity.

Oracle Fusion Middleware enables enterprises to create and run sensitive and intelligent business applications while maximizing IT efficiency by leveraging modern hardware and software architectures.

Oracle Executive Introduction

Oracle Fusion Middleware will help our global customers innovate and enable them to leverage mobile, social and cloud technologies to launch new business opportunities, said Hasan Rizvi, Oracle Fusion Middleware and executive vice president of Java products. Oracle Fusion Middleware will also inject new momentum into Oracle Cloud

Oracle Webcenter

Oracle Webcenter is a platform for engagement and communication for customers, employees, and partners to enhance the extraordinary experience. Keep your employees abreast of information by consolidating the most comprehensive portfolio of products, such as portals, Web experience management, content, social and collaboration technologies, into a single integrated product suite.

The latest version of Oracle Webcenter Suite (Oracle Webcenter Sites), released this May, helps businesses win customers and increase brand loyalty by simplifying the creation, management, and optimization of interactive and social experiences.

The Independent research Institute has continuously rated Oracle Webcenter as the leader in enterprise content management (Enterprise content Management), Web content management and portal technology.

Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite (Oracle BPM Suite)

Today, thousands of customers are leveraging the innovative services in the Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle BPM Suite to implement emerging social, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Oracle Event 處理 (OEP), a part of the Oracle SOA Suite, is a complete solution for building applications to filter, correlate, and process events in real time, driving downstream applications with truly real-time intelligence Service-oriented architecture and event-driven architecture.

As the industry's most socially, unified, and integrated business process management solution, the Oracle BPM suite provides flexibility, performance, and manageability to meet the needs of enterprise-class business processes.

The pre-built, Best-practice Oracle Process Accelerator (Oracle Processes Accelerator) further simplifies customer business process management and accelerates time-to-market for products.

Oracle Data Integration

Oracle Data Integration provides a comprehensive and modern solution that enables continuous, in-depth, and accurate data integration across technology and third-party systems.

With the most recent release of Oracle GOLDENGATE11G 2nd (Oracle Goldengate 11g Release 2), Oracle has achieved significant improvements in performance, manageability, efficiency, and reliability in a comprehensive, real-time data integration solution.

Oracle goldengate11g version 2nd features enhanced data capture and security while providing support for high-capacity systems, global implementations, and heterogeneous platforms.

Oracle Data Integrator (Oracle Integrator) is a key component of Oracle's large data products to help customers efficiently load and transform unstructured data using technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, and HDFs.

Oracle Identity Management

In July, Oracle announced the launch of the next version of the Oracle Identity Management platform, the Oracle Identity Management 11g 2nd (Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2), which features new enhancements These features are optimized to simplify identity lifecycle management, ensuring that the digital experience of all enterprise resources, both inside and outside the firewall, is achieved on each device. With Oracle Identity Management 11g 2nd, enterprises can embrace cloud computing, mobile and social infrastructures more securely, extend their reach to the user community, and further expand and develop their business.

In order to facilitate the use of customers and partners, the Oracle Identity Management 11g 2nd edition integrates the entire portfolio of Oracle Identity management products, merging them into three broad categories, Oracle Identity Governance, Oracle Access Management ( Oracle Access Management) with the Oracle Directory Service (Oracle directory services).

In addition, Oracle has introduced the Oracle Privileged Account Manager (Oracle Privileged Accounts Manager) this year to provide high security, simplified manageability and control over sensitive shared accounts such as DBA and Root. These sensitive shared accounts typically have access to privileged and highly sensitive information.

Oracle Developer Tool (Oracle Developer Tools)

Oracle provides the industry's most complete and integrated suite of tools for application development, database development, and business intelligence to support any development methodology, technology platform, or operating system.

The Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle Creator Development framework,oracle ADF) is a standards-based, strategic framework for Oracle Fusion applications and Oracle Fusion middleware. Oracle ADF is an end-to-end Java EE framework that simplifies application development through out-of-the-box infrastructure services and visual and declarative development experiences.

Based on the next generation of hybrid mobile development architecture, the new Oracle ADF Mobile is a HTML5 and Java based framework for developing mobile applications. The product will be shown ahead of Oracle's global conference.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (Oracle Developer Cloud Service) is part of the Oracle Cloud (Oracle Cloud), which provides customers with a complete development platform to manage the lifecycle of the application in a collaborative manner and to include source control, Multiple services, such as event tracking and creating automation, are provided through the cloud.

Oracle WebLogic Application Server

Oracle WebLogic Application Server 12c (Oracle WebLogic server 12c) is an industry-leading application server for legacy systems, integrated systems, and cloud environments, as well as new Oracle Java Cloud Services (Oracle Java Cloud Service) Base Application Server architecture.

Oracle Java Cloud Services are part of the Oracle Cloud (Oracle Cloud), which provides self-service, subscription based access to quickly develop, test, and deploy stand-alone applications and can be extended to Oracle Cloud application services. Oracle Java Cloud Services can run any standard Oracle WebLogic Application Server Java application. At the same time, developers can easily migrate applications from Oracle cloud environments to other deployment environments, and vice versa.

Oracle has released a free developer license for Oracle WebLogic application servers, making it possible for developers to build Oracle WebLogic applications on their desktops at no cost. With this license, developers can obtain all Oracle WebLogic Application Server versions hosted on OTN, including the industry-leading memory data grid Oracle coherence. Oracle WebLogic Application Server 12c brings a modern, small and efficient Java development platform to the market, supporting the latest Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition,java EE) and Java Platform Standard Edition (Java Platform, Standard Edition,java SE) standards.

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