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Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) "Smoke king" Kingkian planted sugar orange will be through the http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7592.html "> e-commerce model to enter the market." This time in Beijing's crystal Sugar Orange is expected to start on November 5 in the Food Electricity business website originally Life Network sales, the first batch of all for the premium level, a total of 4000 cases. The website was authorized by Kingkian in October this year to gain exclusive online sales rights in the 2012-year "Orange" Beijing market.

The first "electric shock" of oranges

"Chu Orange" registered trademark was originally called "Cloud Crown" brand crystal sugar orange, people know is Kingkian species, then to "Chu Orange" name, brand names have been diluted.

In the 80 's, Kingkian, chairman of the HONGTA Group, was recognized as "China Smoke King". Since 2002, Kingkian has contracted two neighboring hills, a 2400-acre sugar orange orchard in Ailao, Yunnan, the largest farm in the region. At present, 350,000 strains of sugar orange annual output of about 9000 tons, annual profit of 30 million yuan.

In accordance with previous years, "Chu Orange" 12, 13 yuan a kilogram of the ex-factory price, than the Kunming market 10 yuan four kilograms of ordinary oranges high several times, but not out of Yunnan Province sold out. In the past few years, Yunnan market of other size brands of oranges, sales will avoid the "Chu Orange" listing of the limelight. "Chu Orange" mainly supply Yunnan province, the province outside the market is rarely involved, not officially entered the Beijing market. This is the first time to cooperate with e-commerce mode.

Targeting Dole

The orange variety itself originates from Hunan province, but Yunnan light time is long, day and night temperature difference is big, more suitable for the orange growth. Kingkian through research, to solve the water source, natural compost, the distribution of the sun and other problems, the crystal sugar orange to improve.

At the same time, Kingkian is also exploring a new type of agricultural model. First of all, in the cultivation of the source abandoned the traditional agricultural loose management, "Chu Orange" production management is more of a unified standard of enterprise. Second, the establishment of its own sales channels, to take not in Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other large supermarkets, the strategy to maintain an independent price system.

In addition to the first contract under the 2400 mu, in Lijiang, Desert Sha also has 1500 acres, 800 mu of sugar orange garden waiting for reclamation. "In the future, the development goal is the Chinese version of the dole (le)." "Kingkian said. Dole is a multinational food company that operates fresh fruits and vegetables, and its fruits are recognized as the best quality in the United States.


Once the "King of Tobacco"

Kingkian HONGTA Group original chairman, was once China's famous "Tobacco King." The Hongta Group (formerly Yuxi Cigarette Factory) was built into a large tobacco enterprise, and was arrested for corruption. 2002, Kingkian and his wife in the mountains of Yunnan began to rock sugar orange planting.

Kingkian's experience at that time sparked a discussion about the incentive mechanism and supervision system of entrepreneurs, one of the most controversial financial figures in China.

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