Orchid Pavilion Set Potential rally: The concept of the electric quotient of foreign trade development constraints

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In the only product will be the stock price constantly chasing high, in the stock and ushered in a new "God-stock"-domestic foreign trade to the Orchid Pavilion set potential.

As of June 13, the shares of the pavilion were priced at $15.14 trillion, with a market value of $741 million. That's up 60% from its 9.5 dollar IPO price.

On the evening of June 6, the pavilion was set to land on the NYSE, which soared 22.21% on the same day. June 7 to June 13 of the 4 trading days, orchid Pavilion set potential growth of 9.47%, 7.92%, 16.44%, 7.99%, respectively.

"The Orchid Pavilion gathers the trend to be gratifying, this kind of growth is these two or three years the stock not to have appeared." "A fund partner in charge of U.S. stock investment told reporters that earlier, the shares in the relatively depressed, continued to rise significantly, it is rare to see."

Orchid Pavilion Set potential astonishing stock price rise, let investors again see in the recovery of stocks, as well as the concept of the electricity business hot. A director of investment in PE investment said to reporters: "Ten years ago, the software stocks to the U.S. market." Ten years later, the most sought after is the electricity merchant. However, the domestic foreign trade of the Orchid Pavilion is also there are some "internal and external" adverse factors, the high proportion of marketing, competition and other constraints. Fierce competition, Orchid Pavilion set Shang to maintain the advantages, there are flow, brand, logistics and services and many other problems to be solved.

The concept of electricity quotient is getting hotter

A fund partner in charge of U.S. stock investment told reporters that there are not many "marked". On the night of the IPO, many funds played "The Orchid Pavilion set potential" this new shares. As a result of the large number of funds to eat, in the total of 78.85 million U.S. dollars in financing, the vast majority of funds have only robbed 1 million ~200 million dollars.

"Generally, new shares are more active in a week or so," the partner predicts. "After a week, the trading curve will be more balanced," he said. "The funds that were meant to sell the shares were sold almost as well." ”

As of June 13, the market value of the pavilion has reached 741 million U.S. dollars. In the eyes of global investors, this is a relatively small market capitalisation, trading more active stocks.

The fund's partner told reporters that, as the U.S. economy has turned better, the latest deals are more active. "But that does not mean that the floodgates of the IPO have been opened. ”

In 2011, after the IPO of the handle, van, Shenzhou car rental company continued to run aground, the IPO of the China-Stock Corporation entered a continuous downturn. 2012, choose the listed yy voice and only products will be bleeding listing.

Earlier, a U.S. stock trader told reporters that in the third quarter of this year, the IPO door will restart, then, Thunder, Shanda literature will be the first to Ali, the Beijing-east listing. But now, the Thunder, the grand literature because the value is seriously underestimated, the IPO is postponed continuously. According to industry sources, Ali will go to Hong Kong listing. Jingdong CEO Liu said that Beijing would not IPO until 2015.

Although the pavilion does not open the window of the IPO, it is of great benefit to the valuation of the stock.

"China's e-commerce began to be recognized by global investors. "June 14, a fund partner in charge of U.S. stock investment told reporters that the electricity business is the Internet after the development of natural areas, and the traditional combination of money is relatively close to the place. And China's huge electronics market, but also quickly increased recognition.

The size of China's e-commerce market will overtake the US in 2015 to 2 trillion trillion yuan, according to a study by BCG, a global market research firm. By 2015, China's online consumers will also be seasoned, and their average annual spending on online shopping will also reach 6100 trillion yuan, close to U.S. consumers ' 1000 trillion dollars in average online consumption.

In the stock, the electric business and software stocks by investors "give up" in sharp contrast. U.S.-listed Chinese software stocks have suffered a two or three-year share price "slump".

Development constraints of foreign trade

Foreign trade The blue sea is not as glamorous as outsiders see it. All the foreign trade, such as the Tai Lung network, Dealextreme and other sites have high marketing costs, logistics and other problems.

Orchid Pavilion Set potential earnings, orchid Pavilion set potential marketing costs are high, is a typical "marketing pull sales" company. 2010, 2011, 2012 Orchid Pavilion Set potential sales and market costs (or marketing costs) are 22.6 million U.S. dollars, 38.46 million U.S. dollars, 53.41 million U.S. dollars, the proportion of net revenue in the same period is 38.5%, 33.1% and 26.7% respectively. By contrast, Amazon's marketing costs are 3.9%, and the product will be 4.7%.

Such high reliance hides a small risk. As competition intensifies, the cost of internet marketing is naturally rising, which directly eats into net profits, just as China's software companies have been rising in human costs.

The former fund partner told reporters that the Orchid Pavilion set potential in foreign countries rely mainly on search, social marketing, website alliances and other ways to get new customers, and such as wedding dress and other products are "a hammer" trading, so that users repeat the purchase rate is not high, "in the eyes of foreign consumers, Chinese products are cheap pronoun, few brand loyalty." ”

Billion Power network editor-in-chief Jia Pengrei that, along with the development of foreign trade dealers to consumers from the end of the consumer gradually shifted to the small B-class customers. "Only small B-class customers can form a stable purchase, cooperation for a long time, brand loyalty will also be high." Of course, this also extends to warehousing, logistics and other new issues. ”

Earlier, the Dunhuang Network CEO Wang in an interview, said the Dunhuang network has been set up in the Overseas storage Center, but also opened the "warehouse delivery" and the United States Line "International e-mail Treasure" service to supplement foreign trade in the logistics of the short board.

Wang that after the establishment of warehousing overseas, the goods will be transported to the overseas warehouse, then can greatly reduce the unit express transport costs, the delivery time from 1 weeks to shorten to 2-3 days, and the return of the exchange can also be returned by the international exchange of goods into the domestic exchange, and ultimately reduce the cost.

At present, China's foreign trade to take the international small packet of the way to send goods, packet loss rate is higher, and some even reached 5%. And after years of development, the current traditional international packet price has been killed to the lowest, reduce the freight space has been very small.

Orchid Pavilion Set potential CEO Guo to disease in the media interview, said, Lan Ting Chi will increase the international language, open up new national market, add new category, grasp the opportunity of mobile end to find growth space.

In the category, Orchid Pavilion is also actively increase home gardening, electronic product accessories such as high frequency of purchase, higher margin of the category in the proportion of revenue, and gradually reduce the clothing, electronic communications equipment, such as low frequency of purchase, lower margin of the category of the proportion. However, how to solve the bottleneck of logistics has not put forward the method of leasing warehousing.

In addition to facing their own development dilemma, the Orchid Pavilion has also met the Amazon, Beijing-east and other electric business predators impact.

For China's small and medium-sized Enterprises, Amazon has launched a global shop planning. According to one Amazon pop open platform staff, many of the 3C product class owners to the Amazon, after two or three years of adaptation period, many have the intention to open a shop around the world. "Unlike other platforms, opening a global store is a big attraction for Amazon to attract businesses," he said. ”

October 2012, Jingdong also opened a foreign purchase, opened about 400,000 new products, services in North America, the United Kingdom, France and other nearly 40 countries, and plans to open a logistics center overseas, shorten the delivery time.

"Vertical foreign trade platform in the flow, brand, logistics, services, etc. will feel the pressure from the integrated platform." Jia Pengrei that foreign trade needs to change the pitfalls of over-reliance on internet marketing.

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