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Absrtact: May 9 News, Cross-border Online retail enterprise Orchid Pavilion set potential to billion power network revealed that its global fashion open platform is coming online, has launched the National Investment Program. Orchid Pavilion Set potential open platform only to recruit apparel category of businesses, the fastest possible in one weeks

May 9 News, Cross-border online retail Enterprises Orchid Pavilion set to billion power network revealed that its global fashion open platform is coming online, has launched the National Investment Program. Orchid Pavilion Set potential open platform only to recruit apparel category of businesses, the fastest possible within one weeks.

LAN Pavilion Collection Potential website screenshot

According to the Orchid Pavilion Introduction, its stylish open platform will also appear in the LAN Pavilion set potential desktop sites, mobile sites and mobile applications (APP). In addition to the common flow guidance, store management, transaction payments and other functions, but also to solve the vast number of businesses are not familiar with international distribution, difficult to produce multilingual product content, unable to provide global customer service and so on. LAN Pavilion will be its distribution system, localization system, customer support system and data analysis system open up for the seller to use.

Orchid Pavilion Set potential CEO Guo to billion power network said, Orchid Pavilion set potential open platform will focus on clothing category, to divide the way with the merchant settlement, do not charge annual fee, Orchid Pavilion set potential is divided into 15% of sales.

At the same time, the Orchid Pavilion set potential open platform of the merchant's goods must be into the pavilion set potential warehouse, and the use of Orchid Pavilion set potential logistics and customer service. Guo to disease said that this is conducive to strengthening the quality of business goods control, but also reduce the entry threshold for businesses, businesses will not have to master the voice of many other countries, there is no need for cross-border logistics distribution system.

LAN Pavilion Global fashion Open platform includes global localization system (Localization by LightInTheBox), open distribution System (fullfilment by LightInTheBox), open customer service system (Care by LightInTheBox), Open Data System (Insight by LightInTheBox). Platform to enter the merchant does not require to understand a foreign language, do not need to have warehouses and customer service, greatly reducing the threshold of cross-border electrical operators.

Orchid Pavilion Set potential to online custom wedding dress started, has accumulated tens and fashion highly related to the global purchase of users. In the second half of 2013, the company is through the special sale mode into the garment field, made faster development. According to company earnings, in the fourth quarter of 2013, the entire company purchased more than 1.6 million users.

According to the company, LAN Pavilion in Europe and North America has established a warehousing and distribution system for Europe and North America to provide more efficient delivery and convenient return of goods and Exchange services, and the company is actively preparing the South American warehouse. At present, the Orchid Pavilion in the United States, Spain, Poland, and Brazil have recruited full-time local employees, and through its own "virtual company" online collaboration platform, the establishment of dozens of countries around the World staff collaboration Network, the global E-commerce further deepen.

At the same time, with the state of the Cross-border electric power and support, Orchid Pavilion has cooperated with many, has gone through the Cross-border electrical business export drawback process. In the near future, platform businesses are also expected to automatically enjoy the Cross-border power of the export tax rebate policy concessions.

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