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-Morning reporter Baohui Flower Mao Yi Organic Grape 29 yuan a catty, organic red pepper 18 yuan, a box of organic blueberry can sell to 25 yuan ... Once upgraded to "organic", a lot of fruits and vegetables are worth doubling.  However, unscrupulous businesses have aimed at this "business opportunity", the online sale of "Chinese organic products" label, and said that the cost of 120 yuan can be printed on 10,000.  Shanghai, an organic food certification body Responsible person said that the online sale of organic products labels are counterfeit, allegedly illegal. Phenomenon 1120 Yuan can print 10,000 organic labels yesterday, the reporter in a large web site type "Printing organic label" several words, quickly jumped out of a number of related commodity information. Among them, a Shanghai packaging printing factory product picture, it is printed "China organic products organic", a staff said, as long as customers provide the required label samples or packaging, the factory can be printed as is. Take 1 cm diameter organic product label For example, 120 yuan printing words can print 10,000. "What kind of what you want to print, the Certification Body logo can also be printed."  The staff member said. Response: Authentic labels can not be free to circulate for organic products, labels may be printed at will, the head of an organic food certification body in Shanghai told reporters that the organic product label is not a random issue, but there is a strict application, approval process. The first is an organic product certification by the manufacturers to apply, according to the organic crops they have the actual area of production, according to a certain proportion of the number of organic labels determined. Subsequently, manufacturers to the certification body to apply for customized organic food security labels. After approval by the certification body, responsible for the printing of anti-counterfeiting labels issued to the manufacturer under controlled circumstances. "In the process of application, approval and production of labels, it is prohibited to circulate in the society."  The official said that most of the online appears to be fake organic product certification labels. Phenomenon 21 boxes of organic grape stickers 4 labels in the sea and Le Lian Yang Dian and City supermarket, the reporter randomly purchased a box of organic grapes and a few organic balsam pear. Although the two organic products are packaged with "China organic" logo, the labels are not exactly the same. Among them, the Organic grape box is printed on the top left two round labels of the same size, one is "China organic food" certification label, the other is the company's logo. And in the bottom right of its box, there are two other round labels, one of which is the English logo, see the source, and the other is the logo of the certification body.  And in organic balsam pear box, the label listed in China Organic Food Certification label and Certification Body logo. Subsequently, the reporter in the National Commission website inquiries found that organic grapes, balsam pear certification bodies are listed.  But at the same time, the reporter found that the site listed on the organic product certification of more than 26 institutions, the various agencies logo are different, which also led to even after the certified organic food, the label on its box is also a variety of situations. Response: Too many tags to identifyDifficulties related to the responsible person told reporters that "organic product certification management measures" stipulates that "in the acquisition of products or products to the minimum packaging on the organic product certification mark, should be in the adjacent parts of the identification of organic products Certification Body logo or organization name", so the box must have "China organic product Mark" and Certification Body logo, the former used to indicate the organic identity of the product, the latter said that the organic product is the 26 institutions in charge of the certification. "If manufacturers put their own logo on these labels, it is really difficult to have specific constraints."  "Nanjing National Ring Organic Products Certification Center related people said, if the label on the box is messy, and the Certification Body logo are different, for ordinary consumers, but increase the understanding of the difficulty of organic food." The phenomenon of three organic products label anti-counterfeiting standards The reporter found that the organic products on the grape label directly printed on the wrapping paper, and strawberry packaging on the "Chinese Organic food Certification" label can be carefully torn off.  There are also some enterprises set up the commodity identification code and security identification code, but some other enterprises organic product labels do not have more anti-counterfeiting measures. Response: Real organic enterprises will not easily fake the relevant responsible person said that the organic label does paste and print two ways. Either way, if the manufacturers do not speak good faith, it is difficult to completely eliminate the possibility of excessive use of labels. However, the Nanjing National Ring Organic Products Certification center, said that because organic products are voluntary certification, real organic products manufacturers will not easily fake. Moreover, the certification body every year will organize various forms of unannounced investigations and so on.
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