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Peiyanling PK Cassie Book PK Blue: To keep a family or to stick to the cause Chen Yao vs haiqiong Click to watch "Borrow Gun" HD online click to watch "latent" HD online Sina Entertainment spy war drama "Borrow Gun" at the current Oriental TV every 19:30 Gold theater hit, in the spring TV drama strong competition in the market,  Oriental Health Vision pushed the concept of "man season" to "borrow Gun" lead, launched from March to May "The Best man Season" "Borrow Gun", "Wind Legend", "Home Cooking", "cheongsam", "Green Blind" five of the big plays take turns. See "The Best Man", found that "borrow gun" men around the woman's tenderness, sadness, beauty and virtuous-also all wonderful, commendable. One of the "Republic of Small white-collar" peiyanling Haiqiong is the man's Good helper, and Shangyan as a housewife is known as this year's spy war drama "The Most beautiful wife."  The Spy war drama gives the impression is often the man's wits, the intricate espionage war plot is usually the biggest aspect of the whole play. However, as the saying goes, a successful man is always behind a woman, in the "Men's play" of the spy war drama female role has become the crowning of the whole story of the pen. Whether it is "latent" Chen Yao played cui Ping, or "borrow gun" in Haiqiong play peiyanling, all silently support more then into, Xiongkuo Sea, selflessly chose to do their beloved hero man's strong backing.  Although "borrow gun" and "latent" by the same team to build, but as director Jiang and the original author of Dragon said, this is a completely different two stories, if said more than the representative is a very small number of high-end agents, then the Xiongkuo Sea is represented by 95% of the underground workers, as such, the women behind them naturally also very different. Peiyanling PK Cassie Small woman's different growth "borrow gun" in the peiyanling (Haiqiong adorn) was originally a standard quasi "charter Lady", in the first match with Xiongkuo (Zhang Jia) of the opponent play, the shrewd calculation of the peiyanling to the Xiongkuo Sea, ask him to pay rent, full a greedy for money of the little woman. Repeatedly to Xiongkuo to recover the rent of the bridge section,, I shout peiyanling is often language out of the surprise, it is a big laugh, this is the first half of the story a bright spot. In Yangxiaoju persuasion, Peiyanling also joined the underground organization action. In the eyes of the man on the shoulder of the burden, she gradually changed the attitude towards the Xiongkuo sea, gradually to this a bit of the seemingly unreliable men have a feeling of love, but has been a wife and daughter of the Xiongkuo Sea refused.  But at the most critical moment, she risked her life to help the Xiongkuo sea complete the task, killing Kato. "Latent" in the Cui Ping (Chen Yao Adorn) is a girl growing up in the countryside, careless, provocative and upright, as a guerrilla captain she has a good kung fu. Assigned to the party organization, and senior Secret Service is disguised as husband and wife. Because I have not seen the world, in the habit of eating Western, playing Mahjong in the life of the official wife a lot of people are ironic story. Critical moment,Cui Ping with her superb marksmanship successfully completed the task. In disguised as husband and wife together to help the day, two people gradually alternate goodwill.  Frankly Cui flat also very brave to express to pursue their love. The same two small women, have met the transition of their lives of men, in the experience of love and war after the test more mature, but also more courageous.  Cui Ping finally regret miss and more then into happiness, peiyanling have what kind of end? Book PK Blue Family or adhere to Business Week book is really Xiongkuo sea wife, they have a lovely daughter Yan Yan. As the underground workers of the Xiongkuo Sea in order to protect the safety of their wives and daughters of the year, to their confidentiality of their identity, secretly engaged in anti-Japanese action. Though skeptical of her husband's many acts, he was repeatedly persuaded by the Xiongkuo Sea. Until finally Zhou Jinshu determined to move, Xiongkuo Sea reluctantly confessed his true identity, as his wife's book expressed appreciation and support.  In the face of her husband's dangerous work, and occasional gossip from her husband and her spy, book from suspicion to trust, to go out for a part-time job, to take care of the family wholeheartedly, to give her husband a strong backing. More's beloved girlfriend Blue, her Communist Party member identity let Yu become very surprised. It also poses a big challenge to his spy work.  Blue to the mission and the party's loyalty to try to test the remaining into the enemy organic can take advantage of, finally left blue heroic sacrifice. The woman behind the hero is also a dangerous identity, in order to their beloved man regardless of their own life, is so many underground workers behind the women have been valuable. But also have their own revolutionary career, unwilling to do the backing of the woman also has her lovely respectable.
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