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Everyone may think that as long as the original article published in a large number of sites will not be a problem, will not be considered cheating. In fact, the internal updating of the site is not only the requirements of original, but also the requirements of the law. The regularity of this renewal is also important.

In order to understand this problem, I landed a lot of excellent forums and learned about their own initiative to update the site. After one weeks of observation and summary, got such a message: the current high weights and rankings of good sites in the internal update is a certain regularity. In particular, those sticky posts can see this regularity. I was not satisfied with the evidence from these excellent forums, so I tested it on my blog. The purpose of the test is in and frequent the regular update of their website, to see how the algorithm after the change of Baidu in the end to such a site what kind of response, so that Baidu to the site to update the internal number of small algorithms.

The first day in accordance with the previous update mode, a daily update to two articles of the original article, simple to do in some forums to do some to attract search engine spiders attention to your work.

The next day Baidu normal update my blog, and then I updated my blog Six original articles, the workload for me is indeed very large, this is a strong tonic, the normal situation search engine should be very happy.

The third day arrived, hurried to observe the situation of the website. The results came out, my blog snapshot backwards, and there is no update, but there are two articles written yesterday included. After my normal update of my blog, is to update two articles, but also for the blog to do some outside the chain used to attract spiders.

The fourth day in disturbed arrival, when I query own blog, I found that my blog snapshot has not returned to normal, but included or normal did not receive the impact.

So I kept the normal update until one months after my snapshot slowly catch up, back to normal. There have been attempts to break more, but a break has not affected my blog. Through the front-end time and this experiment, I summed up a conclusion, Baidu is now the general site of the update requirements very strict (especially the new station), so we must pay attention to, even if we do have a large number of content to update the time, the best is a step-by-step, daily increase some, avoid yesterday normal update, Update a lot today, the day after tomorrow normal update. Suddenly updating too many updates on your site is not good, the search engine will not thank you, but will punish you, resulting in your site snapshots backwards, ranking down and so on. Of course 8630.html "> sometimes suddenly break more impact on the site will not be very large, but in a short period of time a bit more frequency is very easy to be fined."

In the update of their own site should be careful not to update the site without a regular, so in search engine eyes is not popular, and may have to "eat excrement."

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