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This is an era of encouraging innovation, but there is no suitable original soil. There are a lot of legal awareness is weak, but also more gray mentality. In the face of imitation and fake innovation, there are scholars and even a language to point out that "let China lag behind is not a technical barrier, not a lack of manpower, but the weak thinking." It is not surprising, therefore, that we worship the iphone on the one hand and steal the best of it, but never get a product that it can contend with. Return to this article website construction and network marketing, the real original innovation is even less pathetic. And do not say that the site design from the early imitation or even copy Japanese-Korean style, now began to European, but always difficult to self-contained. The website content construction alone, the real originality is very few and few, so that the article Chivan as if see. There must be a reason for this, the author thinks, the root cause of this phenomenon is that some website operators short-sighted and lack of thinking. and thinking, but it is so important!

Thinking one: Why insist on original

In a broad sense, as long as there is content on the site, and now many sites are doing so. Throughout a lot of small and medium-sized companies of the website, design shoddy do not say, only a few articles are copied from plagiarism. Need to know content is not only the flesh and blood of the site, but also the soul of a site, a flesh and bones without soul of the site will naturally not produce ideal marketing results. The answer to the first question seems to have been obvious, the original purpose of the content is to make the site rich, so that the site has its own characteristics. This nature is not copied, nor is it meaningless false original can do. This is probably the main reason why many sites that rely on collection to supplement content are called garbage stations.

Adhere to the original also has a more intuitive reason, is the original content rich site can get more ideal marketing results. First of all, search engines particularly like original content, often original content updates to the site can also get higher weights and better rankings; second, many users also want to see different content, after all, the new content for the general people more attractive; again, the author has long spoken High-quality originality is the need for in-depth thinking and cognitive extraction, an original in fact, a promotion of their own. Can get the ideal site rankings, can improve the quality of Web site traffic conversion, more can exercise to improve themselves, original has so many advantages, we have no reason not to insist.

Thinking two: For whom to stick to the original

Clarify why insist on original, then for WHO and original problem natural and solution. The answer is no more than two, the first is for the user and original, this should be the motivation of the original. Because the website is to give the user to see more, the marketing effect ideal or not ultimately also needs to pass the user manifests, therefore the user should be the website original first impetus. Original content of the second object is a search engine, the rich original content of the site is more easily favored by search engines is an indisputable fact. Want to get the ideal site rankings, please start from the excellent original content, but also need a steady stream for the site to update rich quality content. Although the search engine is also the site's browser, but also the original content of the Reading object, but undoubtedly the ultimate goal is to make it easier for users to find the site.

There is only one true reader of the content of the website, that is the user! And in the reality of website operation, it is clear that many people do not fully realize this. If you know that the original purpose of the site content is to enhance the user experience, and the user experience and the marketing effect of the site is closely related, then pseudo original and plagiarism may slowly disappear, but in fact it is impossible. In reality, more site operators will promote the site and network marketing artificial separation, such as on the search engine ads on its essence a way to promote the site, rather than network marketing. In the content of original as well as the extension of the soft text promotion, Shanghai website Design preferred brand advice is that only the combination of user experience of the original only more vitality and marketing force.

Thinking three: How to be a quality original

For the site operators, the original is not only reflected in the site inside, but also extended to the outside of the site. For example, now popular soft marketing, as well as some ordinary ads in the copy, in fact, there are original play space. In the webmaster circle, we are most aware of A5 and Chinaz two major websites, many webmaster learn to share the knowledge of the website operation and Internet information. But to be fair, not every article is readable, I think, simply for the link to contribute no meaning (although the link is a lot of webmaster contributions, but the two can not be compared). This leads to a very worthy of thinking of the question, what is the original quality? From the user, the quality of the original content of the standard where?

Undoubtedly, the first measure of the quality of original content should be whether the content is said to have something, empty words play no meaning. The author thinks that the second criterion is whether the content is relevant to the topic to be promoted, whether it is inside or outside the station. If an article about the website, but the link is embedded in the text of a food trading company's website, even if a few links have been lost user experience. The content of the site has higher requirements, from the user's point of view, at least to ensure that more than 80% of the content and site topics have relevance. Of course, since the quality of the original, the text content, although not required to resign, also must conform to the basic grammatical rhetoric, which is also a basic requirement.

Originality is not a whim, but more rule-based, only more consideration for users, original is more valuable and marketing power. The original is not behind closed doors, need to think about also need to learn from the same thing from different directions to interpret that is divergent thinking, the inspiration from the original often flashing more rational brilliance. Original ability is not innate, more need to constantly think hard sharpen, Shanghai Network Company Pilotage Technology (http://www.joyweb.net.cn) always believe, insist is the original winning rule. Please be sure to remember that the original content and the site is closely related to the operation, should be from the user to the user, and constantly change the angle of thinking, the content of the original marketing focus on users better results.

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