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The original view of content and outside chain construction. My website optimization is a tiring job, after finishing all the preparatory work, such as space selection, domain name selection, website structure planning, etc., the webmaster has put the things that need to be done, the next job is to do the content and external links, because these two are doing site optimization is the most important thing. Everyone has a different understanding of the content and the addition of the chain, and a person at different stages of this thing will have a certain difference. I'm going to talk about this stage of my personal thoughts about content and the release of the chain.

Content release is actually the same, only the original, pseudo original and collection of three kinds, I personally or more highly respected pseudo original, because in fact, both are too extreme, original need to spend too much time webmaster, I believe that no one webmaster has so much time to do original, if you want to spend so much time to original, Then I think you can use these times to thank more meaningful things, rather than spend in this place, and collection because it is completely copied, so although the search engine is not very smart, can be a bit to find your cheating things, but if you are doing regular stations, will be to their own site to leave no small hidden trouble, We do not know when the hidden danger will erupt, so I still feel that should not do so, of course, if you want to do cheating station, short-term benefit that is another matter. So pseudo original is my choice, although this is not my own most satisfied with the practice, but in this case also helpless can only do so, because the false original is really no news value, I personally understand that is to create the network of garbage, but who asked us to seek the most rankings are afraid to spend time.

The release of the chain is a great learning, I personally think that I know little about the outside chain, if a website optimization personnel external chain has this very deep research, that I think its optimization ability should already have a certain degree, I am now using more is friendship link, forum outside the chain also has the soft article. Links are necessary, because it is a better resource, if not make good use of, it is really very unfortunate amount, we can also through links to make some friends with like-minded.

Forum outside the chain: according to my actual experience of the forum outside the chain or has a certain role, by adding a quantitative chain to a specific keyword every day, such as 30, you can see the effect of outreach for a period of time, and you can see that the ranking of a certain keyword in a site does change (no other kind of external chain method is used), This is enough to show that the forum signature effect is still there, of course, we do in the forum to sign the time also need to pay attention to some details, such as the best in the Forum content to add links, some forum publishers best can do sofas, do the best forum signature is their own post, rather than thread, because the effect of the post to come faster, The thread will change more slowly.

Soft wen: The person who has not written this thing is a little afraid of her, because now with each website for soft wen audit strength, the release of Soft Wen is indeed a certain degree of difficulty, but the effect of soft Wen believe that I do not have to say, many people in their own article has been discussed many times, I just want to say, Do website optimization will write soft text is necessary, I hope you can remember this.

Well, this is what I have recently about the site optimization of some personal experience, I hope to help you. Http://www.809seo.com/Article/24.aspx

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