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Speaking of article writing this problem let people feel headache, some webmaster for the content of the Web site dizzy Mind, adhere to, adhere to, and then adhere to have become a lot of webmaster to write the pillars of the article, but there are a number of webmaster daily insistence but did not usher in a very good effect, why? Because they only understand the original does not understand the user experience, And Baidu announced that very clearly:

Baidu notice in the statement: Webmaster should focus on the content of the site construction, only to improve the content of the site and search experience to be users and search engine trust, webmaster friends, you see clearly? It is possible that your article is thousands of words original, but it does not conform to user value orientation and search engine crawl orientation, This original is meaningless original, here's how to write to improve the content value of the site and search experience of the article.

Clear website theme, content theme must conform to the topic

For example, you're a test-type website, then your website theme is definitely related to the exam, but the examination is divided into many kinds, if you are a graduate site, the content of its website should be closely linked with the "graduate student", I have a webmaster friend to do is a two-level builder of the test site, His web site was built around the word two builder.

We can see from the diagram that the content of this site is all about the level two builder, this lets us understand a truth, the website topic is what, then our content writing direction is what, can not cross the website topic to write, that writes out article no user will like to see. For example: User A search keyword two builder of the word into your site, and finally found in the content of your site there are many graduate-related articles, user A shook his head and closed your page. This does not matter whether your site content is original in User A is worthless article.

The article should be able to solve the problem or reflect the current information

Original article is very good to write, but write a technical original article is not necessarily good to write it? Many webmaster again write original article is very careless, think as long as it is through the hands of the article will certainly be able to be supported by search engines, but even if your article is original, but your article but no user reading value, Search engine crawl value, such an article can be considered as a user experience article? A user experience article should be able to solve the user needs to solve the problem of articles or users can understand the industry dynamic articles, for example, we can see a lot of content in the stock forum, But a lot of content is not related to the topic of stock discussion, such content can not be used as the content of user requirements, search engine encountered such content is not crawled.

Article can not lose the user's appetite, what is written

Many types of articles now come across as a "drop" to attract users, in many forums we can see some "recruiting part-time, a monthly salary of 5000 yuan" and so on similar topics, but really when we enter the site to see, is almost an advertising page, such content introduction is deceptive introduction, I think as a webmaster of a personal website, your site is what to write, do not irrelevant, so the flow of deception introduced to the site will cause the jump rate is too high, perhaps the search engine will also think you are cheating, then give you a site down the right behavior, you regret will be too late. As a user experience of the article, we should tell the truth, do not go to the user, what is written, this is a valuable content of the original article.

Writing original is very simple, but write an article in line with user value and search test is not necessarily simple, but webmaster as long as you think in the writing of the industry needs, what users need, then your article must be in line with the user to read the article, and do not think for the original to gather words, So the article is original worthless articles, it may be in the eyes of the search engine is worthless. The article by Baidu Rankings optimization http://www.alonely.com.cn/provide, reprint must retain the author link, thank you.

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