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At the beginning of this year officially as a webmaster to appear in front of friends, for the internet depression has made a considerable psychological preparation, but is fulfilled an old saying "see people pedal not laborious", did stationmaster just knew to do too many things, a network company's thing all wants one person to complete, from the website design, the market research, Domain name registration, server space, website production, website promotion, SEO optimization, the realization of the profit model, and so on, each stage contains a lot of knowledge and skills, can be described everywhere is a rookie, while learning the practice of analysis and summary of practice, the taste I think only as a webmaster can experience. Today I want to talk to you about the website promotion method, at present, a more popular way of free promotion-soft wen, compared to the previous simple straightforward and annoying ads than the soft text in the provision of a message to the reader at the same time, unknowingly made an ad, the reader got information, the site has been exposed opportunities, The situation makes soft wen become more and more popular with webmaster and netizens, thus, the artistry and creativity of the soft wen became more and more important, the lack of artistic and creative soft text its effect is estimated than the obvious old ads more annoying, the promotion of the site is negative, that write soft text there is no track to find it? Let's analyze it in depth.

We can draw on the experience of the TV advertising industry to see how they are groping all the way over.

Entry level ads: direct introduction of products and advertising words; primary advertising: Inviting celebrities to endorse products; Intermediate Advertising: A story-telling advertisement with a product as a lead; advanced advertising: Aggressive exaggeration of a particular feature of the product, which makes the advertisement to arouse the audience's curiosity; Ultimate Advertising: content and products have no relation at all, But it will be the abstract concept and meaning of advertising and product homogeneity, so that users themselves to connect the two, from the psychological level of the audience to participate in the promotion process of advertising.

Remember the chapter "hands-on teaching you to write soft wen" the personal writing soft Wen stage made a division, and to provide some good places to publish soft text, and this article will teach you to write several types of soft, like our middle school, write a composition of the text, narrative, paper, etc. Don't talk nonsense, look below.

Entry level:

Go to the big blog and the forum to find the most popular and their own site with a point of relationship of the article, modify the ad section inside, changed to their website and domain name on the line.

Advantage: Don't move your brain, it's fast.

Disadvantages: And the Web site is not strong, homogeneity of serious, easy to be repeated users read to produce negative effects.

Suitable for the crowd: Rookie period (here is with the "hands-on teaching you to write soft wen" three different stages)


is not a simple doctrine, to find more relevant to the popularity of the article, do not change the subject of the theme of the subject to write a soft article, and then send back to get the place, borrow the original article of popularity to increase their own soft text hits.

Advantage: The correlation degree is high, can borrow the popularity effectively.

Disadvantages: Need to follow the original article before the Heat retreat, the timing of the grasp is very important.

Suitable for the crowd: Rookie period, green period


This period has completely started the original soft Wen, from all aspects of their website began to tailor the soft text, the whole article looks like a share of their own network experience or to provide a novice a help and recommendation, which interspersed into their own website information and connectivity. such as the website of the soft text can be written to a tourist destination of the Donkey Friend Diary, expressed through a website to help make the tourism in the early and temporary problems to be successfully resolved, the details of the steps, the reality of the problem, let a person feel is a hands-on experience of the strokes.

Advantages: The original to the search engine, the reader is also a kind of help.

Cons: Hiding from ad is important, and you need to see if the reader's help is practical.

Suitable for the crowd: Green period, mature stage


The soft Wen as an event hype, the use of some uncertain word eye, reasonable distribution of the most recent keywords, or their own website and related hot topics linked, or even some hype over the webmaster, the soft writing of the groundless, bewildering. I've seen a soft article in an ad league, which site I do not mention, ad-free suspicion, the article wrote: "Ma Yun Alibaba listed, huge financing to the advertising Alliance business-Ali mother, a platform for advertising trading, some of the industry's advertising alliance have focused on this strong opponent's Landing, Baidu Alliance, Google AdSense, XXX, and so began to actively respond. "" "Ma" "Alibaba" "Baidu Alliance" "Google AdSense" itself is a hot keyword, "Alibaba listing" is the recent hot news in the industry, borrowed the "Ali mother" the big promotion effect, Also advertise their own alliance website XXX mentioned and Baidu Alliance and GG the same height, finally the whole event is a kind of hype, XXX simply did not have the right to Ali's mother's line to respond, but this wrote not only to achieve hype effect, the reader to confirm the authenticity of the message is almost very difficult. On the soft text of a short sentence, at the same time using a variety of methods to achieve a variety of promotional effects, have to admire Ah!

Advantages: Eye-catching ball, grab click, grab the exposure rate ... Too much to say.

Disadvantage: Prevent excessive hype, counterproductive.

Suitable for the crowd: mature stage


This is the highest level of my ability to look forward to! Like the highest level of television advertising, the entire soft text itself is a work of art, like a painting, you will feel the painting of the mood and the author wants to convey the feelings, and this familiar mood and emotion so that you can not help but think of a product. Think of Adidas ' latest series of commercials that let the world's sports stars tell you how to beat the mess with a thick line of pen paint.

The soft text is expressed in the form of text, the highest form of writing is a book, novel, Prose and so on, the current online reading is the hottest to start the Chinese net to see the original literature, a soft wen Gao master, may spend a few months to write a 100,000-word novel or script, whether from the story plot, character description, Scene design and so on everywhere imperceptibly for own website to do ad, really is a masterpiece soft Wen! Little brother struggling to find, and finally in dozens of different literary form after the work I found such an article, the author is well-intentioned, in the first 20 chapters of the article did not mention the ad, to attract enough readers, Also established a good literary reputation, from the 28th chapter began to slowly introduce their own website to help Network (www.8ending.com) CEO name for the characters, and the first master White Lion Jay jointly carry out the development of the story plot, design is originality. Little brother in many ways to finally find the master of contact, dead dead dozen hope each other in the follow-up to the novel to join the younger brother website ad, finally to 500 yuan price, haha these days of statistics explain this money spent value, now ask me to spend 1000 yuan I would like to. Younger brother will be reproduced from the 28th chapter, you learn together. Secretly posted prawn in the beginning of the article connection, there are personal blog and contact Way (don't say it is I posted ah!), we have to do the ad of their own ability and his grinding bar.

Work in the starting Category: Screenplay title: White Lion Author: Sunspot Link: http://www.cmfu.com/showbook.asp?bl_id=81791




Advantage: Do you have to say?

Shortcomings: the need for personal literature is very high, the overall planning.

For the crowd: I really don't know.

Said so much, if can help everybody for their website to bring the promotion effect, that I also calculate not to waste strength, the Internet cause needs you my common effort, you encourage.

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