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Following the main affection card "home to eat" activities, the original Life network once again exerting force, in the two anniversary of the celebration, launched a series of promotional activities. However, a consumer to the "economic reference newspaper" reflected in the big promotion period to buy eggs for metamorphic eggs, contact with the original Life Network customer service want to return is a drag and drop. There are also consumers vomit the site customer service is not a fake.

According to the "Economic reference newspaper" reporter's statistics, in late July, only micro-Bo platform on the original Life network complaints on up to dozens of, these complaints include delays in orders, missing pieces, logistics is too slow, food spoilage, customer service contact and so on.

According to the public data, the original Life network two years since the establishment of a continuous loss, the media to set up a career in the electric Business enterprise, in a very explosive point of sales planning behind the story, is a series of supply chain, logistics cold chain of the drag and end of the chain of service.

So far, the original Life network's core team is still exclusively of the media, and many are following the founder Huanhua years of friends, colleagues and subordinates. Insiders questioned, this "river-Lake Feelings" and a single professional knowledge structure can let the original Life network go far?

Promotion off chain is suspected of lack of internal strength

At the beginning of July, the original Life network United nearly hundreds of enterprises and media organizations launched the "Home to eat" public activities, and July designated as "Eat Month", July 17 designated as "home to eat day." Because of a warm affection card, the event triggered resonance, the site tailored to the "home to Eat" topic page was once a netizen point burst. After that, the original Life network once again exerting force, in the two anniversary of the celebration, the launch of "full 200 minus 100" "Value Purchase" "Freezing price" "Hot fruit One Yuan purchase" "Seafood second 10 percent" and a series of promotional activities.

According to official website data, the original Life network in the two anniversary of the period of the total number of orders over 5 times times more than usual, but at the same time, the major social platforms on the original Life network complaints are also high. In this respect, originally life official website issued a statement said, the store during the surge in orders, delivery delay, hope understanding. Company officials also said that the distribution may be a certain degree of delay, but out of the library must be fresh fruit. However, consumers do not seem to buy it, think "do not diamond the porcelain job".

Not only that, July 31, the media has been stressed that "the whole cold chain fresh distribution Home" of the original life of the net "package in fact, with the only package will be wrapped together by the ordinary tricycle, the car has no refrigeration equipment, part of the package is also placed on the tricycle top", and allotted pictures However, the original life refused to admit, and insisted that all cold chain transport site to meet the requirements of commodity storage and transportation "cold chain way there are many species, the current use of transit box plus storage materials to protect the whole cold chain." ”

Originally Living Official home page also indicated that the original Life network order by the third party micro-mission for distribution, the implementation of special matching, for each distribution personnel for commodity identification, storage, nutrition knowledge of strict training, and to ensure that more than 8 hours of cold chain distribution, to ensure fresh home.

Reporter access to information found that this is a micro-mission logistics company with the original life as a brother company, registered in 2011, registered people are also Huanhua, but the two separate operations. According to Huanhua earlier public statements, the original Life network logistics accounted for only 10% micro-mission, micro-mission is more services to other enterprises. Yu also said that the micro-Mission 2014 hope to make the largest domestic b 2C cold chain mixing company.

As well as the logistics problems are spit on the slot and customer service. There are consumers to the "economic reference newspaper" complained that during the promotion, the website customer service is not a fake: Telephone customer service will never get through or directly hang up, it is understood that the Life Network telephone service and micro-letter customer service Hotline working hours are from Monday to Sunday 8:00-20:00. Reporter in the morning 10 points to the original life of micro-letter service number, but as of the time of the press, sent to the message asked has not been answered. The reporter calls the original life telephone customer service, the defendant knew to want to complain the photograph and the order number first sends the Mail customer service, then waits for the hospitality service contact. As for the waiting time, the other party is not sure.

In addition to logistics, customer service, the original life supply chain at the forefront of the "product" has been the follow-up weakness. Chu Orange, Liu Dao outside, a few of the applause and hit the food, even the pan Shiyi endorsement of the "Pan Apple", sales and the above two difference is very far. There is media material, "on the Tip of China 2" program broadcast, the original Life net also Chanbao 30 tons of Chinese fish, spending millions of, but finally sales flat. This has caused many people in the industry to doubt the soft power of their choice.

In fact, the life network has been simply to go "buy hands" route, and its "buy hands" the main task is not to help consumers buy the best quality of fresh products, but is responsible for finding stories, topics and food links.

The propaganda force is too fierce to be accused of doing

Behind this route is the company's founder "Huanhua" literary feelings.

Huanhua, who graduated from Renmin University in 1990, works in Southern Weekend and Southern Metropolis Daily. At the age of 30, he became general manager of the Southern Metropolis Daily and led the south to a 3-year turnaround in 1998, and 5 years later led the newspaper to achieve 3.900 million advertising turnover and 160 million annual profit. November 2003, Yu entered the "Beijing News" as general manager. was also involved in the famous South case before and after this. Huanhua was sentenced to 8 years ' imprisonment for embezzlement and bribery in 2004. 2008, the early release of the metaphor into the media work, as NetEase sales vice president. 2011, to get a sum of 200 million yuan of mysterious investment, hence resigned NetEase's work. After that, Huanhua set up in Shanghai hung Kai Yuan Investment Co., Ltd., registered capital of 500 million yuan. Then, in July 2012, the original Life network was officially online.

With the founder Huanhua personal legend, the original Life network has many stories.

At the end of 2012, just set up the fresh electricity business originally live net union former tobacco King Kingkian strong launch "Chu Orange", the instant red all over. The noisy, is originally a life network for Kingkian custom a "Chu Orange" story. Kingkian, single-handedly create "Hongta Empire", after 10 years in prison, 75-year-old two-degree business, 81-Year-old changed body "Orange King". In the original copy of the Life Network, Kingkian's V-word life is very inspirational, they built for the promotion of the language for the "Life always have ups and downs, the spirit of the end can be inherited." This kind of soul chicken soup type of "precision" packaging a shot, it easily attracted countless people's hot. Although the price is much higher than the market price, but according to the original Life network data, "Chu Orange" launched 5 minutes before the launch of the 800-box order, a total of 1500 cases sold on the day.

Continuation of the 2012-year "inspirational orange" route, 2013, the original Life network for Kingkian Candy Orange carefully planned the "to pay tribute" series. Including Jiang, Han, Zhao, tick-tock taxi Zhang, Flowers always lost golden and other celebrities all through the video to Kingkian salute. "Defying the people, insist on doing their own, this spirit in the two generations of the same." This is the original life net for Han Cold write salute. It also strikes the heart and resonates. And for the general people most concerned about the taste of oranges, Chu Orange 2013 propaganda copy also depicted quite literary "Chinese appreciation Sweet" Sweet pantothenic, like the taste of life. Official figures show that 2013, the "Orange" sales were 10 times times 2012, reached more than 1460 tons.

Copy the legend of "Chu Orange", proficient in the social marketing of the original Life network, and then successfully will be Liu investment in the Kiwi to create a "willow peach", and "Chu Orange" bundled sales. In 2014, Pan Shiyi's hometown of Tianshui Apple "Pan Apple" was originally a life network to the market. This July, the original Life Network and planning "home to Eat" series, the slogan is "home to eat is to test the only standard of happiness."

These, all let the original life net in a group of electric quotient appear the style quite high. One detail is that in the official response to the resignation of two senior executives, the original Life network is also full of romantic and ideal temperament, the article wrote "Open branches and scattered leaves, across the river, we are willing to our new farmers can do," the world who do not know June. ’”

However, relying on rapid marketing, the electrical business want long-term development is to test the strength of each supply link. Originally life Network is because of these aspects of the short board, only to appear a very absurd phenomenon: on the one side rely on outstanding marketing ideas constantly accumulate word-of-mouth, on the other hand because of hard strength and constantly dispel word-of-mouth. In the shop in the complaint, some people even accused the life of the propaganda as huaquanxiutui, mind not supply chain, is not mistaken Zhengye.

In view of this, there are suggestions from the industry, the original Life network to change the current situation, must be in the supply chain and cold chain to achieve breakthroughs; want to grow and develop, in the future, but also in the upstream infiltration to the base, the middle control logistics, the end to seize the user.

The deficiency of single gene in team structure

According to the public data, the original Life network two years since the establishment of continuous losses, the loss is unknown.

"The number of people, the company's management and strategic play has not shown the problem, with the massive expansion of the population from 200-300 to the current 600-700 people, the problem also intensified." "A former person who had been living on the internet had told the media bluntly.

In fact, people who are familiar with Huanhua know that there is a strong idealism and humanistic feelings in the southern news people. This not only affects the overall development of the company style, but also reflected in its personnel.

According to media reports, the original Life network regardless of shareholder structure, or management team, almost all are exclusively Southern department, NetEase, and many are following Huanhua years of friends, colleagues and subordinates. The two start-up executives who have just left ——— marketing Director, sourcing and distribution center Hu Haiqing, and Huanhua, together with the Southern Metropolis Daily, worked together more than 10 years ago, while the deputy general manager Sheng (nickname: Tang and song) also followed Huanhua for many years. Other ordinary front-line employees, too, are media origins, or have been published, or editors to change careers. Tang Song previously said in an interview, the original Life Network team almost no one engaged in the industry of electricity business, the media people let old metaphor "look at ease, with a comfortable". In the company, Huanhua also asked everyone to be like the media circle, call him teacher, rather than the total.

Interestingly, despite the two-year power, the original Life network still use the media to operate the topic of the way to do the electricity business. Every week, the original Life Network team will open a similar "selection will". Only the products approved by everyone can be included in the purchase list, only the most bright spot, the most worthy of in-depth "report" products, can get the most concentrated promotion, become "cover" or "close-up". They continue the work of the media, like the editorial department to carry out business. Responsible for purchasing the area to buy the hand is called "reporter", fighting in the forefront, collect the unique products around, summing up the story point, the story behind the presentation, and then reported to the "editor" ——— namely operators.

"The company's overall team knowledge structure of a single, more than passion, but the electrical business is not professional, we are not fine electricity business, trial and error costs too high." And some people who really understand the actual electric power business in the overall scope is also difficult to play a role. Said the resignation.

In the management system design level, metaphor also can not get rid of the media person's thinking inertia. According to insiders said, the original life network throughout the company stressed that "lead by example" + "now learning to use." Huanhua's favorite word to employees is, "I'm going to keep whipping you." Earlier, he led the team to "inspect" almost all of the domestic electric libraries. In his eyes, as long as see more, think more, learn more, can easily become warehousing experts, logistics experts and marketing experts. But actually the expert's road is not good to go. This also makes the life is not enough.

In addition, Huanhua "Tian Bogey horse" style of management style is also unusually obvious. Originally the Life Network Logistics distribution company Micro-mission is their own company, but has been operating separately, distribution efficiency comparable to the third party, the original Life network within the various departments are also more independent development, each side, lack of communication and coordination. In the Internet age of special emphasis on user experience, this is the most dreaded gene deletion and management of black holes.

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