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Mobile phone giant Nokia announced the full acquisition of mobile phone operating system Symbian, and decided to be with At&t,lg,samsung and other communications companies to build the Symbian Foundation, open Symbian source code, cancel operating system fees, The companies participating in the Foundation are required to pay a membership fee of 1500 dollars a year.

For Nokia, which already occupies 60% of smartphone market share, Google Android to join the Free + open platform will have a positive impact on the future development of smart phones, in fact, Google joined many telecom companies to build Google Mobile Alliance, The main reason is to see changes in the future smartphone business model, which is fully reflected in Apple's iphone.

The traditional handset terminal is king, although the smartphone still hasn't changed much, from the success of Apple ipod to the establishment of the iphone Terminal + Service business model, the future business model of smartphone is becoming more and more obvious, the hardware + service will become the main business model of the future smartphone, because of this, Google will join many telecoms companies to set up a mobile phone alliance, and that is why Nokia will be fully acquisition of Symbian and open for free.

In fact, whether the BlackBerry or the iphone has proved a truth, smartphone service is king. In a recent interview, Nokia General manager Cheng said that from Apple's product strategy and the iphone 3G price positioning observation, Apple can only rob the overall mobile phone market 2%, so that relative to Nokia's full combat, the competition is not big. Having said that, Cheng also admits that Nokia is lagging behind in its touch of mobile phones, and that Apple and HTC are already leading in a highly profitable market, thanks to the full introduction of the latest technology.

Simply providing handsets, Nokia will lose the most profitable market, and if Nokia does not change, Apple's iphone and even BlackBerry will gradually erode the other smartphone market, Google mobile phone Although not listed, positioning and Apple is no different, Symbian is free + open, at least from the business model to ensure that Nokia's future with Apple and even the BlackBerry's pace, to ensure its leading position in the mobile phone field.

Symbian is free, may be bitter Microsoft Windows Mobile, the two years of Windows Mobile struggling, not easy in the market, the face of Symbian, Google Android free, presumably in the near future will also join the Free Army, In the Internet advertising, search and many other fields have lagged behind Google's Microsoft, if the business model does not change, it is also possible to lag behind Google in the wireless internet, not to mention now joined the mobile phone boss Nokia, it seems that after the retirement of Bill Gates Microsoft will be facing a comprehensive crisis.

Free mobile operating systems may be good news for Chinese companies, after all, in the technology relatively mature, stable areas, China's electronic manufacturing advantages more easily reflected, Shanzhai machine can be quickly popularized, but also with the MTK complete solution, hardware + services business model Popular, the possible result is the hardware manufacturing to the mainland China, At the same time, because of the transformation of service mode, mobile phone services, especially software development for local software companies will also be full of opportunities, but do not know whether the local companies can seize the opportunity to create a new round of brilliance. (author, Lao Yao)

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